The Book is Done

The Book is Done

Years ago, when my interactions with Jesus first started, the Lord told me that He wanted to write books through me. I thought that was quite humorous because the idea of writing a book was completely overwhelming. But He provided an outline and then just as I have received His words in this blog, He dictated the chapters to me and outlined the book in the format of a daily devotional. It was all in perfect, simple order. Then so that I would not feel overwhelmed, He told me we would take it slowly and the initial goal was to do three entries a day. With an average of 30 days in a month and 12 months in a year, the book would be finished in just 120 days. So we started. Every day I would sit down and Jesus would dictate to me and I would type it out. The words just flowed and it was amazing. I could hear His voice so easily. Then, within a month or so of starting, I got bucked off a horse into a brick wall and crushed my right wrist and thumb. That was my writing hand. First attack from the devil!

My hand and wrist healed flawlessly and we began the work again. I would get another month or so completed and then something else would happen. That fall, my husband left and I faced divorce, moving and beginning school doing a second master’s degree. Later after the book was written, my laptop got damaged and I lost all of the book’s formatting that I had spent weeks on. So, I formatted it again and this anointed book became even more beautiful. This past year, when I was almost finished with the second format, I fell and broke my left wrist. Now, it is finally finished.

This book is an anointed work from God that will anoint those who read it and does the exercises and prayers within.

This book will be available this fall on Amazon with the title “Get Anointed”. Thank You, Jesus, for Your patience, trust, and belief in me. Amen.

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