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Breathing with Jesus



I don’t know how to describe what has been going on the past day, but I think Jesus is teaching me to be with and feel the Holy Spirit inside of me. Yesterday He told me to allow Him to “breathe for me.” I didn’t know what He meant really but then I relaxed and I noticed suddenly that my breathing became very long and slow with a full inhalation. Today, while walking on the beach He was beside me and then He said, “I want to walk within you.” Then I felt like He merged with me and was walking right with me simultaneously. At that point, I felt the deepest sense of peace and love I have felt in a long time. I believe this is being in touch with the Holy Spirit within all of us. The UNITY, and Oneness of everything. Jesus lives inside of us.

I think this is how He will be with me from now on. Not walking beside me but literally walking within me.

God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are the Holy Trinity. They are one and the same. Today I am blessed and grateful to feel this much stronger connection and unity with them.



What a Day



Lately, I have been feeling attacked by anything and everything that could cause me harm or bring me down- especially an inner ear issue that brought me to my knees a few years ago. I went through a series of prayers- casting out the spirit of trauma that came in during that time but I still felt unsettled.

So today I said, “Jesus please give me some confidence that things will change and that I am not alone in this world.”

He replied in a loving tone, “I am here behind you, in front of you, on either side of you, above you and below you. I am in every single cell of your body. How can you feel alone when we are married like this?”

I burst into tears. There was something that was so moving about what He said. Today I think that maybe I am beginning to get how much I am loved and cared for. WOW.


Anointed to Heal


I ❤ Jesus!

I have only been awake for 45 minutes and this morning has already been chock full of blessings!

I am at the beach and was out on the balcony with a beautiful view. I have been reading Kynan Bridge’s book on healing that I mentioned in a previous post. I really like it because I understand it. He is explaining healing in a way that no one has and it is sinking in.

If you read the “about me” section, I am a relatively new Born Again Christian. Raised Episcopalian, none of this “healing stuff” was spoken about, EVER. God has taken the illness that was inflicted on me by a poor, “Satan guided” surgery and has used it to teach me about healing!

Basically, I am learning how to have FAITH and also how to pray. It is so important to understand that we are not supposed to be sick. Yes, Adam and Eve created the fall of man and thus brought in sickness and death but God with His mercy corrected that and gave us a brand new chance when He sent Jesus. One of the things that Kynan says in his book REALLY hit home. He says that when we are born again, our body is no longer our own- it belongs to the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we have no right to be sick. This has also had a profound effect on my thoughts.

Now I am seeing my body as a pure, clean temple in which there can be no dirt or cobwebs in the corners. Therefore the illness has got to go. Last night I felt some symptoms coming on and I quickly rebuked them and commanded them to go in Jesus’ name. The pain went immediately. Then I prayed for regeneration and healing and I felt new life moving into my body. Jesus then whispered in my ear, “That’s how it’s done.” That made me feel as proud as a first grader getting a good grade on a test!

I see now that Jesus is teaching me how to pray for the sick. He told me that’s what he wanted me to do but I guess I was lacking faith because I did not understand it.

It is SO important to know that because of Jesus, health is your DIVINE RIGHT. So TAKE AUTHORITY over your body. Command any illness to be gone. Rebuke Satan. Command Him to leave. Tell him he has no right to your body anymore.

This morning, I got up and was reading again. I read about the anointing to heal and how God sent Jesus with that anointing. God wants our world to be like the Garden of Eden once again. He wants us to see how because of Jesus we are Saved and we do not have to allow the darkness of this world in but it takes FAITH. Today I stepped into total FAITH. I told Jesus and God I totally believed His Word and I told Him I was completely standing in FAITH now- belief and faith.

Then to my surprise, Jesus showed up and stood behind me and placed His hands on the top of my head. He said, “I have been waiting for this day.” He then said, “I anoint you to heal others.” BOOM- and so it is. I have the faith and the belief and the anointing and so blessed am I to heal others in Jesus name!!! Amen!!! Hallelujah!!!!!

Your Body is a Divine Temple.


Unknown   I have been meditating and praying and reading about miracle healing. A great, easy to read and understand the book is by Kynan Bridges called “Possessing Your Healing: Taking Authority Over Sickness In Your Life.” I really get his point of view for he talks about how the body is a temple for the Holy Ghost and therefore sickness has no place there. I completely believe it and it makes sense to me. It also helps me understand the importance of keeping the body in good shape by eating quality food etc.

Jesus has confirmed with me that we are not meant to be sick and we do not have to allow it into our lives. In heaven, there is no sickness and according to the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), it is God’s will for us to be healthy on earth as we are in heaven.  “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”

Under the New Covenant of the New Testament, Jesus died so that we do not have to suffer. Therefore, we are ENTITLED to good health.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Jesus.