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Holy Holy


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I am not sure what to write about because there are a million things that are going on. I am 3/4 finished with Jesus’ book and it’s amazing, but it’s been a rocky few months. I’ve been experiencing so much stress that it took the place of everything else and I think I “shut down”. I have moved out of the house I lived for ten years. It meant going through piles of “stuff” I no longer want or need. Things seem to have a past connected to them which brings up emotion, whether good or bad. This was challenging.

So what is the point of this post? It truly is not to update everyone on the trials I am going through but to give confidence and support to those who are going through things similar.

Jesus said to me today that He is taking care of me- that everything will be okay, I will be healed and He will provide everything that I need. He didn’t say “maybe” or “most likely,” He said, “He WILL.” These words were very real. Hearing Him so clearly seems to be a gift that I have been given. Some may call it prophetic. To me, it is simply Jesus talking to me as if He was right here in the room beside me. I see Him too, but sometimes it is just His voice which is soothing and filled with nothing but pure love, compassion, and understanding.

So if you are going through hard times, I believe the word I received today is meant to be shared so RECEIVE IT and be blessed in all ways.



Another Revelation about Healing


HealedJesus gave me another incredible revelation that was confirmed this morning. He is so amazing!!!

I was praying and meditating for about 1.5 hours this morning and afterward, Jesus came to me and said, “I want you to listen to these words. Come, walk with me,” He then showed me a group of beautiful trees and said, “Do you see these trees? They grow tall towards the sky.” Then He showed me green grass and He said, “Do you see this grass? It grows thick and abundant with life.” Then He showed me some beautiful flowers and He said, “Do you see these flowers, they grow in their beauty towards the sun. God takes care of all of them. They are His children and He provides what they need to survive. God provides this way for you as well. When you ask for something from the Father, it is given. Therefore, when someone prays over you for healing, it is given. The night I came to you and healed you, your healing was finished. When I said I have healed you in all ways, I meant it. In the supernatural or spiritual realm, it is complete. You are healed. All you have to do now is believe and wait for it to manifest.”

When this session was over, I was looking at my email and in my inbox, the was the daily prayer I get from Joel Osteen. IT said this-

The Time Has Already Been Set

“My times are in your hands…”
(Psalm 31:15, NIV)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria:
In life, oftentimes we are waiting for something; waiting for a dream to come to pass, waiting to meet the right person, waiting for a problem to turn around. When things aren’t happening as fast as we would like, it’s easy to get frustrated. But you have to realize, the moment you prayed, God established a set time to bring the promise to pass.

God has a set time for your opportunity. There is a set time for that problem to turn around, a set time for your healing, your promotion, your breakthrough. It may be tomorrow, next week or five years from now, but when you understand the time has already been set, it takes all the pressure off. You won’t live worried, wondering when this is ever going to happen. You’ll relax and enjoy your life knowing that the promise has already been scheduled, and your answer is on the way!

Hallelujah! This is pretty much what Jesus just told me! I feel like this is a very strong message today everybody. So if you have been praying for healing without results, know that they are coming. Stand in faith!!!!


Omg, Omg, Omg! It’s all so real!!!



After seeing Todd White and the others I decided I was going all in. That means I am stepping out and praying for people publicly. This is a HUGE step for me. Today I was having a challenging day and so I decided I would go pray for people. I went to Hobby Lobby because I know it is Christian based so I felt “safer” there (lol). Before I got out of the car, I asked God to give me a word of knowledge as to who to pray for. Right then I heard a voice that said, “You will see a woman in a red dress. She needs prayer.” I got out and then almost fell over. There was a woman standing outside of Hobby Lobby with a long, red, Salvation army apron ringing a bell for donations. She also had on a red shirt. I thought she was the one but then I thought about it too much and said to myself, “Well that’s not a dress so let me at least go inside and see if someone else is there with a red dress on.” I then went in and found no one else. I even asked two people who had on red shirts if they needed prayer and they accepted it but they were not really in need.

I then knew it was the woman outside. Her outfit looked just like a dress. So I went out there and asked her if she needed prayer for anything because God had told me she did. She said, “yes, that she had a health issue.” She didn’t tell me what it was but I got the feeling that it was pelvic and personal so I prayed with her. I then received a word that she was going to be totally fine and I shared that with her as well. She thanked me profusely and said that this had made her day.

I then went to Walmart. God gave me the word “knee”. I told him to point it out for me but He said it would be obvious. I then saw a Walmart worker pushing a cart and limping. I stopped her and asked her if something was wrong with her leg. She said she had an issue with her knee and foot. I told her that God wanted to heal her. I prayed and then she told me that her mother had passed recently. I saw her mother with Jesus and told her that. She said she knew it but was in tears. Then I got a word that her hips were messed up and she said yes and her back as well. I prayed for her spine to straighten up and it did!!!!! Then I prayed for her hips. There was no place for her to sit down so I couldn’t pray for her legs to be evened out. I am pretty sure that one leg was shorter than the other. She was so happy!!! She told me that this was the best thing that had happened to her and she thanked me profusely. She said she was close to the Lord. I told her how much God loved her.

Both of these events were amazing!! I think I have still been doubting if all this was real. Wondering if somehow I was just making it all up but it is REAL. OMG OMG OMG!!!! God loves you!!! Receive His love now!


Healing and Time



I am at a Power and Love conference with Todd White and others and today I heard that there is no concept of time in heaven. I knew this because I had a revelation about timelessness in prayer once, however tonight I received a new revelation about time and healing.

I asked Jesus about healing. Some people receive instantaneous miraculous healing and others are prayed for and their healing manifests more slowly over time. In August, Jesus came into my room, whispered in my right ear and then tapped my right shoulder twice while saying, “Be healed”. This was a truly supernatural experience. Afterwards I felt life force energy coming in to my body and I jumped up and felt totally healthy. This lasted for two days and then I felt things sliding. I asked Jesus about this and He had told me that He healed me in all ways. He also told me to be patient. There have been other instances of God and the angels healing me as well, but after a few months, while overall much better, I am still not healed totally yet. I got very discouraged today when some people received miracle healings and I am still having issues and having to follow a very strict diet. (I broke the diet that Jesus told me to follow today and my symptoms went nuts. So much for the repercussion of disobedience!!!!) So tonight I asked Jesus to explain it to me. He said,

“There is no time in heaven therefore from our perspective, there is no time in your world either. So, no time has passed since I spoke those words over you but you are impatient. Your healing is manifesting slowly in your eyes however, in mine. it is all working perfectly. You should know my plan for you. It is truly great. Stay calm and you will see the results you wish for in all things.”

So, I think I get it. Timelessness means that everything is happening in the moment right now. Therefore your healing may appear that it is taking days or weeks or months or years but in God’s eyes, it is in perfect time.

The bible speaks about things taking sometimes many, many years for God’s promises to manifest however, in God’s eye, it was immediate. We need to remember that when will feel impatient about anything. Instead stand in faith and know it is coming.


Dear Lord, How I thankYou for Your continued Grace. I believe that You know what You are doing! I praise You for all of the goodness you have planned for me. Thank you for making me more patient. I trust in You. Amen. 

Visitation of Angels


I’m not sure what just happened. I finished my morning prayer and communion and at the end I prayed. I was told to stand up which I did. I felt angels around me and then I saw a huge angel before me. It made tears come to my eyes and once more I repented for my sins even though I know I have been forgiven. You cannot stand before total truth and love without all impurities coming out.

God then asked me what I wanted but this time He asked for myself. I said healing of my body, my family and finances. He then asked what I would like for others and I said healing of others who are in need and and even healing for the whole world. I told Him how the world was such a mess with so much suffering. He knows this of course so I don’t know why I told Him that. There was once again a feeling of elevation as if I was rising up inside myself and then I could see the hands of angels doing things to my body. Then I felt like a waterfall of golden light came cascading down over the top of my head to my feet. It was flowing over me and through me. Brilliant feeling.

I am totally sure that my body is being restored totally and completely. Zero doubts now. I have already gotten so much better but I am so ready for complete health and balance now.

If you are sick, you are out of balance with God because in God there is no disease. If you take a look at your life you have probably suffered trauma and injury, heartbreak, disappointment etc. This is Satan’s game and what brings on illness. Some may ask why then does a baby or child get sick? The answer there is that sometimes there are generational curses that get carried from generation to generation. These generational curses must be broken.

Get right with God totally and completely and He will heal you. That’s His promise. That is why He sent Jesus.


Today’s Healing



Tonight before taking communion, I was kneeling before my altar praying and thanking God for all He has given me. I told him that I was sorry for the mistakes I have made etc. When I was done, Jesus said something like, “Open your ears and hear the voice of the Father.” Then I was told to stand up. When I stood up, I heard the deeper voice of God and He asked, “What is the healing you desire?” I answered, healing for every single cell of my body and that my feet and knees etc. be restored. As soon as I said that I felt a golden tingling settling down throughout my whole body. It’s like it was a brilliant life force filling me up but it tingled and was slightly warm. I was told to lie down on my bed and I did. The healing continued for about 5-10 minutes. I then got up and I am feeling really good. I am so excited and grateful about what God is doing in my life and I really want to help others to know how real this stuff is. I am expecting a full recovery soon. I know it is coming. All systems healed, knees replaced etc. I am so excited and I feel so much love.


More about Healing




A flaw of my personality is impatience. I want whatever it is now. When Jesus healed me about a month ago. (See post dated August 11, 2014) I think I expected the illness I have had for years to be gone overnight. I have seen healing miracles, where people’s backs are re-aligned and straightened up, headache pain is gone just like that etc. I have not seen anyone with a devastating chronic illness healed in one moment.

So last night after a totally symptom free, really good day, I started feeling some flaring up of discomfort so I asked Him when I would be totally healed? This is what He said- “Your body is recovering. You have been sick for many years. I have not just healed one part of you, I have healed you in ALL ways. Give your body a chance to catch up to the healing. It has only been a month.”

I think there is incredible wisdom is this. Could God heal every cell of my body and return it to perfect health in a instant? Of course. The thing is, it can be complicated because most likely if that happened, the illness would come back. People’s minds and emotions have a huge part of how the body reacts. In my case, I got very depressed and heartbroken and then illness set in. If God came in and healed the body without healing the root cause of the illness then the body would regress again.

In Joan Hunter’s books about healing, she speaks a lot about healing the root cause. So much of the time it is heartbreak and trauma. So in my case, the healing is going to be thorough and permanent but it did not happen in a second.

I think that this is such an important message for all those who want to be healed through prayer. If you go to a miracle healing service and you leave and still have symptoms, DO NOT LOSE FAITH. Believe and know that if you are prayed over then you will receive your healing. It may not be today or tomorrow. It may take a few years but YOU WILL RECEIVE IT.

I think this is the message Jesus really wants to give us. God has a plan for your soul and maybe the process of healing for you and how it occurs is part of it but KNOW YOU WILL BE HEALED.

When Jesus stood over me and anointed me to heal, He told me that He will heal anyone I pray for. It’s funny because my husband is Jewish and he is not a believer in Jesus but the other day his back was in terrible pain and I prayed over him. He was not instantly healed and he had no belief that he would be BUT, the next day I woke up and called the chiropractor who was not supposed to be at work that day and miraculously, he was. They were really busy coming off a holiday weekend but they worked my husband in and guess what, he was healed that day. Some might stay, “Well that was the chiropractor that did that.” I would say, sure it was the chiropractor but who was working through the chiropractor? Who allowed everything to flow so perfectly when all odds were against the chance they would? God did it.

If you have received prayer for illness and still have symptoms stay in faith. Do not give up. Believe that you will be healed eventually because you will.

Prayer for the day:

Dear God, Give me the faith and patience I need everyday to believe in You and You magnificent Grace. Allow me to understand my value in Your Divine Plan and know that You want me healed. Allow me to trust in You totally and completely.


Jesus teaches me about Satan and Healing



Two days ago I asked Jesus to teach me about Satan. I have been trying to figure out the miracles of healing and how Satan can wreck them. He told me that Satan lives within our minds as humans and that we cannot get away from him. He is the negative thought, hopelessness, depression, doubt and fear we experience. In God’s creation, we were created to be as God in every way but then with Adam, Eve and the apple…we fell prey to Satan. So in this world, we are under Satan’s dominion. He is everywhere we look and everywhere we are. Technology has made it even harder to stay clear because now it is so easy to get negative messages through tv, music and the internet. There is nothing we can do to get away from negative influence other than to renounce the power, pray, refuse to fall prey to the lies and stay in faith and love, remembering who you are in God. So if you have received healing, watch out because Satan will be right there to bring in the doubt. Rebuke it and stay in faith.

For anyone reading this today, I place a special blessing over you that it will be easier to understand and remember THE TRUTH of who you truly are.

YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF GOD who is LOVED AND CHERISHED.  Anything else is a LIE of Satan so discard the false belief’s and renounce it now. 🙂


Anointed to Heal


I ❤ Jesus!

I have only been awake for 45 minutes and this morning has already been chock full of blessings!

I am at the beach and was out on the balcony with a beautiful view. I have been reading Kynan Bridge’s book on healing that I mentioned in a previous post. I really like it because I understand it. He is explaining healing in a way that no one has and it is sinking in.

If you read the “about me” section, I am a relatively new Born Again Christian. Raised Episcopalian, none of this “healing stuff” was spoken about, EVER. God has taken the illness that was inflicted on me by a poor, “Satan guided” surgery and has used it to teach me about healing!

Basically, I am learning how to have FAITH and also how to pray. It is so important to understand that we are not supposed to be sick. Yes, Adam and Eve created the fall of man and thus brought in sickness and death but God with His mercy corrected that and gave us a brand new chance when He sent Jesus. One of the things that Kynan says in his book REALLY hit home. He says that when we are born again, our body is no longer our own- it belongs to the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we have no right to be sick. This has also had a profound effect on my thoughts.

Now I am seeing my body as a pure, clean temple in which there can be no dirt or cobwebs in the corners. Therefore the illness has got to go. Last night I felt some symptoms coming on and I quickly rebuked them and commanded them to go in Jesus’ name. The pain went immediately. Then I prayed for regeneration and healing and I felt new life moving into my body. Jesus then whispered in my ear, “That’s how it’s done.” That made me feel as proud as a first grader getting a good grade on a test!

I see now that Jesus is teaching me how to pray for the sick. He told me that’s what he wanted me to do but I guess I was lacking faith because I did not understand it.

It is SO important to know that because of Jesus, health is your DIVINE RIGHT. So TAKE AUTHORITY over your body. Command any illness to be gone. Rebuke Satan. Command Him to leave. Tell him he has no right to your body anymore.

This morning, I got up and was reading again. I read about the anointing to heal and how God sent Jesus with that anointing. God wants our world to be like the Garden of Eden once again. He wants us to see how because of Jesus we are Saved and we do not have to allow the darkness of this world in but it takes FAITH. Today I stepped into total FAITH. I told Jesus and God I totally believed His Word and I told Him I was completely standing in FAITH now- belief and faith.

Then to my surprise, Jesus showed up and stood behind me and placed His hands on the top of my head. He said, “I have been waiting for this day.” He then said, “I anoint you to heal others.” BOOM- and so it is. I have the faith and the belief and the anointing and so blessed am I to heal others in Jesus name!!! Amen!!! Hallelujah!!!!!