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Breathing with Jesus



I don’t know how to describe what has been going on the past day, but I think Jesus is teaching me to be with and feel the Holy Spirit inside of me. Yesterday He told me to allow Him to “breathe for me.” I didn’t know what He meant really but then I relaxed and I noticed suddenly that my breathing became very long and slow with a full inhalation. Today, while walking on the beach He was beside me and then He said, “I want to walk within you.” Then I felt like He merged with me and was walking right with me simultaneously. At that point, I felt the deepest sense of peace and love I have felt in a long time. I believe this is being in touch with the Holy Spirit within all of us. The UNITY, and Oneness of everything. Jesus lives inside of us.

I think this is how He will be with me from now on. Not walking beside me but literally walking within me.

God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are the Holy Trinity. They are one and the same. Today I am blessed and grateful to feel this much stronger connection and unity with them.