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LOVE from the FATHER. <3




From Jesus Today:

Behold for your Father loves you so. If you would open your heart on the day of St. Valentine’s, you will receive the unconditional love of the Father. He knows how you have mis-stepped. He knows how you have stumbled but today and forever His love for you stands true and strong. If you would open your eyes for a moment, you would see His unconditional love for your family and friends. There is nothing that is too wrong for the Father to forgive. He sees only His creation in you. His desire is for you to follow your heart on all matters for that is the only way to live in a world that is filled with so much pollution and decrepit ideology. Today is a day of great blessing for on this day of Love, all doors are opened to you. Follow your strength in God on this day. Follow the Holy Spirit. Follow the Saints before you. Be one with Me. There is no boundary between us other than the blocks in your heart and in your mind, so today I say, tear down all walls! Allow the Love I have for you to flow from Me to you to all others. There can be no boundaries in Love. No judgement, no choices. Love is the true gift of the Father that the enemy cannot stand. So today I declare your heart to be opened. All sadness to leave. Today I tell you that the Father lives within you as the Holy Spirit and therefore nothing can bring you down to your knees other than His grace upon your life. His love for your forefathers. His undying ecstasy when you recognize that you are His child. Today is a day of Heart, and therefore I say open your heart and receive the blessing of His Love. Open your mind and receive the Word of the Lord who created you. Open your body and receive the Spirit who ignites you. Open your vessel for I AM HERE.






Blessings From Jesus for 2015



From Jesus-

“Dear Children,

The time has come for Me to bless you all with hope and love. There are so many things in the world that come undone at this time of year and I am here to reconnect you to your dreams and goals. The year 2015 invites in a promise from the Father to restore, rejuvenate and return darkness into light. There are many who struggle with finances and health issues. This is your year for restoration. If you have been praying for a release of God’s favor, I give it to you now. So hold your head up high to receive all that is not only good but great. 

I would like to impart this blessing to each of you individually so when you read this word, imagine Me in the Glory of the Father’s light shining it down on you. Open your hands wide and receive by God’s grace the prosperity you have prayed for. Receive the healing, the promotion or new home. You are your own friend or enemy here for it is only you who can reject or accept these blessings. For those who still stand in unforgiveness or dislike of yourself, it is time for you to let that unforgiveness go and walk along my side in peace with all. Peace is the way to all things good. Without peace and forgiveness there can be no blessings. Any aggravation or agitation will block the blessings that are headed your way. So my children I say BE FREE! Be free in your heart, your mind and your body. Do not allow the struggles in life to take you down. This is the year for prosperity in all things so open you hands now and RECEIVE!”

And I say BLESS YOU ALL AND AMEN!!!! Happy New Year! Please pass this on to your friends and family so they may be blessed as well!