Monthly Archives: March 2015

Angels, Milk and Honey


honey-and-milk-get-attachmentI’ve been having more visitations by angels when I pray or meditate and I must say, it’s such an incredible blessing. They are magnificent. Truly as beautiful as any picture you’ve ever seen. Filled with God’s pure love and glory. There is nothing like them. Today the lesson I got was to immerse myself in good things. The angel gave me a basket of fruit and them poured milk and honey over me. There was beautiful music and “sweetness”. God is sweetness and all things good. Bask in love and good things. Meditate and focus on sweet milk and honey.

This world has become so polluted. Cleanse yourself in the sweetness God offers.

I send blessings to you all.


Magnificent You



There have been many revelations the past few days about many things. Mostly about healing the inner child. So many of us have had traumas and old wounds to heal from. The process is never easy but very worthwhile. The words I received today included encouragement to persevere with healing- inside and out. This is a time people are being trained to walk in God’s light spreading His love. This is a time of victory on all accounts. There will be extra support from angels. I had one visit me today. They will come if you are ready and open. Be ready to receive. You are magnificent!


A Call to God’s Army



It has been some time since the last post. SO much going on. I started the Supernatural class modeled after the Bethel School and it has been AWESOME. We have been out praying for the sick once- that was great fun- done in the form of a “treasure hunt”. God is so amazing! I am still suffering from physical issues. Jesus has told me that I am on my path of healing and to stand in faith- that I am half-way done. He said that He “Healed in ALL ways” and He meant it. There have been waves of emotional healings. My allergies to pollen and weeds have been fixed, knees are still healed- etc. etc BUT there is still more to go. My prayer time has been more intense and the words that I receive from Him for others incredibly accurate. His voice is so clear it is as if He is in standing physically in the room next to me. I am in constant awe of His grace on my life. I am still working on forgiveness and letting go of self-pity. Be blessed all!

This is a word from the Lord for the readers tonight:

Alight My Love For You! Within every one of your hearts is a special place for worship and praise. See now that you attend to this business of worship daily. This is a time for great suffering for those who do not know Me. This is not of My doing but the doing of the enemy. He stands tall trying to block My grace from those who do not yet believe. I would ask that you pray for your fellow neighbor to receive Me now. Take a stand against the enemy and draw your swords. The fight is daily. Do not give in. Do not surrender. This is a time of great suffering for those who do not believe in Me. If you were to walk out your life in disbelief then you would find yourself digging a deep trench in which you could not recover your ground. The gift of the righteous is a gift from God. Be righteous. Step up and help those in need. Allow me to walk within you. Be bold, heal, pray, cast out demons. We must unite as an army now. Be fierce. Step up to the task at hand. That is what I ask of you now.