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Omg, Omg, Omg! It’s all so real!!!



After seeing Todd White and the others I decided I was going all in. That means I am stepping out and praying for people publicly. This is a HUGE step for me. Today I was having a challenging day and so I decided I would go pray for people. I went to Hobby Lobby because I know it is Christian based so I felt “safer” there (lol). Before I got out of the car, I asked God to give me a word of knowledge as to who to pray for. Right then I heard a voice that said, “You will see a woman in a red dress. She needs prayer.” I got out and then almost fell over. There was a woman standing outside of Hobby Lobby with a long, red, Salvation army apron ringing a bell for donations. She also had on a red shirt. I thought she was the one but then I thought about it too much and said to myself, “Well that’s not a dress so let me at least go inside and see if someone else is there with a red dress on.” I then went in and found no one else. I even asked two people who had on red shirts if they needed prayer and they accepted it but they were not really in need.

I then knew it was the woman outside. Her outfit looked just like a dress. So I went out there and asked her if she needed prayer for anything because God had told me she did. She said, “yes, that she had a health issue.” She didn’t tell me what it was but I got the feeling that it was pelvic and personal so I prayed with her. I then received a word that she was going to be totally fine and I shared that with her as well. She thanked me profusely and said that this had made her day.

I then went to Walmart. God gave me the word “knee”. I told him to point it out for me but He said it would be obvious. I then saw a Walmart worker pushing a cart and limping. I stopped her and asked her if something was wrong with her leg. She said she had an issue with her knee and foot. I told her that God wanted to heal her. I prayed and then she told me that her mother had passed recently. I saw her mother with Jesus and told her that. She said she knew it but was in tears. Then I got a word that her hips were messed up and she said yes and her back as well. I prayed for her spine to straighten up and it did!!!!! Then I prayed for her hips. There was no place for her to sit down so I couldn’t pray for her legs to be evened out. I am pretty sure that one leg was shorter than the other. She was so happy!!! She told me that this was the best thing that had happened to her and she thanked me profusely. She said she was close to the Lord. I told her how much God loved her.

Both of these events were amazing!! I think I have still been doubting if all this was real. Wondering if somehow I was just making it all up but it is REAL. OMG OMG OMG!!!! God loves you!!! Receive His love now!