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Baptism by Water







This morning I got up and anticipated a regular day. I went to church and our pastor (amazing guy) said he was going to do water baptisms after the service at a nearby pool, I was so excited! I had been baptized as a baby at an Episcopalian church but never had the full water baptism.

After the service, we went to a home with an nice pool and there were four of us who got baptized. I was so happy. I went home still in wet clothes and soaked in the beautiful newborn feeling.

I was praying at an altar in my room when Jesus appeared. It was the closest and clearest I have seen him lately. He asked me to walk with Him and then asked me if I would like to see a beautiful temple. This was a place in heaven I have not yet seen. We walked down a large mountain side that was winding. The views were stunning. It reminded me of the most beautiful view you might see in this world but much more vast and clear. We arrived at what appeared to be a huge stone temple with many steps to the entrance way. When we got inside there was a huge room and at the end of it were two waterfalls coming down into a pool. Jesus said I got baptized this morning but that He wanted to do it again Himself. I can’t tell you what it felt like to have that come from Jesus. Baptized by Jesus! WOW!!! He stepped into the pool. I can still hear the sound of the waterfalls. I stepped in after Him. The water was cool but not cold. It felt totally clean- like mountain spring water. Then He took me and dipped me backwards, I went under the water and came up. Immediately angels were around me. Patting me dry, attending to me. I felt one put a crown of flowers or something on my head and then I felt wings placed the back of my shoulders- like angels wings. I don’t know what this means but then Jesus told me to go back into the world and serve God.

After this happened, I laid down and fell into a deep peaceful sleep. I really don’t know what happened today but, it was amazing!

Angel Encounter



I have been on a strict version of the Daniel Fast, as directed by Jesus, for about 11 days. I’m doing it for 3 weeks total. I’m eating 70-80 vegetables and 20-30% grain, legumes or nuts. No animal products except butter. No coffee, sugar, alcohol etc.

I’m pretty tired but it has been really great for prayer. Lately, I have been hearing the voice of God and I’ve had encounters with angels twice. Today was a major encounter but I can’t write too many details. Jesus told me to keep it to myself.

I will say that this was more close up than I have ever seen before and the angel was feminine looking and incredibly beautiful. Angels must be the most beautiful beings in the universe. The night I heard the singing of the Choir of Angels, I could barely believe the layers of beautiful harmonies and voices.

This angel was amazing and I could see it’s (her?) face slightly.

There was also lots if color which for me is unusual. Normally when I see angels, they are mostly white but this one has golden wings and I believe a pale blue and red gown.

I can’t reveal the message but afterward, I was on my knees in tears praising and thanking God.

God wants to bless you. He so desperately wants to give you the world. Just like a good father who wants to buy all the nice toys for their kid- that’s what God wants to do for you. Praise Him daily, thank Him and become receptive to receive!!


Visitation of Angels


I’m not sure what just happened. I finished my morning prayer and communion and at the end I prayed. I was told to stand up which I did. I felt angels around me and then I saw a huge angel before me. It made tears come to my eyes and once more I repented for my sins even though I know I have been forgiven. You cannot stand before total truth and love without all impurities coming out.

God then asked me what I wanted but this time He asked for myself. I said healing of my body, my family and finances. He then asked what I would like for others and I said healing of others who are in need and and even healing for the whole world. I told Him how the world was such a mess with so much suffering. He knows this of course so I don’t know why I told Him that. There was once again a feeling of elevation as if I was rising up inside myself and then I could see the hands of angels doing things to my body. Then I felt like a waterfall of golden light came cascading down over the top of my head to my feet. It was flowing over me and through me. Brilliant feeling.

I am totally sure that my body is being restored totally and completely. Zero doubts now. I have already gotten so much better but I am so ready for complete health and balance now.

If you are sick, you are out of balance with God because in God there is no disease. If you take a look at your life you have probably suffered trauma and injury, heartbreak, disappointment etc. This is Satan’s game and what brings on illness. Some may ask why then does a baby or child get sick? The answer there is that sometimes there are generational curses that get carried from generation to generation. These generational curses must be broken.

Get right with God totally and completely and He will heal you. That’s His promise. That is why He sent Jesus.


Jesus and the Angels at church


Angel of God


I have been going to different churches trying to find someplace that felt right for me. Because of childhood consisted of denominational worship services, I really love the ritual, the candles, the incense etc. Today I went to St. Peter’s Anglican Church. They have built a huge facility that resembles Notre Dame. While I missed the down to earth preaching about Jesus, I enjoyed the service, especially communion.

My vision into the spirit realm has continued to grow stronger and stronger and today midway through the service I noticed two huge angels standing facing each other on each side of the altar. They were huge. 20-30 ft tall at least. Then later I saw angels lining the row of pews. They weren’t as large as the ones at the altar but beautiful and majestic.

Then at the blessing of the communion, Jesus appeared behind the altar with His arms outstretched. He was blessing the communion as well. He was huge too. Three times the size of a regular man.

The crazy thing is that during the service He was also with me. When I asked Him how He could be at the altar and also with me He said,”I am in all places at all times.”

At one point earlier in the service when one of the priests was giving an address, I said to Him, “Honestly Jesus, this is kind of boring.” He told me to pay attention and listen, that there was a message in it for me.”

The message was about being like Solomon and approaching God like a child. That hit home hard. I had a vision yesterday of my 5-year-old self-sitting on God’s lap.

I feel very renewed and blessed after the service. Jesus is so wise and forgiving. Even in my arrogance, He loves me anyway. ❤️