Visitation of Angels


I’m not sure what just happened. I finished my morning prayer and communion and at the end I prayed. I was told to stand up which I did. I felt angels around me and then I saw a huge angel before me. It made tears come to my eyes and once more I repented for my sins even though I know I have been forgiven. You cannot stand before total truth and love without all impurities coming out.

God then asked me what I wanted but this time He asked for myself. I said healing of my body, my family and finances. He then asked what I would like for others and I said healing of others who are in need and and even healing for the whole world. I told Him how the world was such a mess with so much suffering. He knows this of course so I don’t know why I told Him that. There was once again a feeling of elevation as if I was rising up inside myself and then I could see the hands of angels doing things to my body. Then I felt like a waterfall of golden light came cascading down over the top of my head to my feet. It was flowing over me and through me. Brilliant feeling.

I am totally sure that my body is being restored totally and completely. Zero doubts now. I have already gotten so much better but I am so ready for complete health and balance now.

If you are sick, you are out of balance with God because in God there is no disease. If you take a look at your life you have probably suffered trauma and injury, heartbreak, disappointment etc. This is Satan’s game and what brings on illness. Some may ask why then does a baby or child get sick? The answer there is that sometimes there are generational curses that get carried from generation to generation. These generational curses must be broken.

Get right with God totally and completely and He will heal you. That’s His promise. That is why He sent Jesus.


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