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Baptism by Water







This morning I got up and anticipated a regular day. I went to church and our pastor (amazing guy) said he was going to do water baptisms after the service at a nearby pool, I was so excited! I had been baptized as a baby at an Episcopalian church but never had the full water baptism.

After the service, we went to a home with an nice pool and there were four of us who got baptized. I was so happy. I went home still in wet clothes and soaked in the beautiful newborn feeling.

I was praying at an altar in my room when Jesus appeared. It was the closest and clearest I have seen him lately. He asked me to walk with Him and then asked me if I would like to see a beautiful temple. This was a place in heaven I have not yet seen. We walked down a large mountain side that was winding. The views were stunning. It reminded me of the most beautiful view you might see in this world but much more vast and clear. We arrived at what appeared to be a huge stone temple with many steps to the entrance way. When we got inside there was a huge room and at the end of it were two waterfalls coming down into a pool. Jesus said I got baptized this morning but that He wanted to do it again Himself. I can’t tell you what it felt like to have that come from Jesus. Baptized by Jesus! WOW!!! He stepped into the pool. I can still hear the sound of the waterfalls. I stepped in after Him. The water was cool but not cold. It felt totally clean- like mountain spring water. Then He took me and dipped me backwards, I went under the water and came up. Immediately angels were around me. Patting me dry, attending to me. I felt one put a crown of flowers or something on my head and then I felt wings placed the back of my shoulders- like angels wings. I don’t know what this means but then Jesus told me to go back into the world and serve God.

After this happened, I laid down and fell into a deep peaceful sleep. I really don’t know what happened today but, it was amazing!

LOVE from the FATHER. <3




From Jesus Today:

Behold for your Father loves you so. If you would open your heart on the day of St. Valentine’s, you will receive the unconditional love of the Father. He knows how you have mis-stepped. He knows how you have stumbled but today and forever His love for you stands true and strong. If you would open your eyes for a moment, you would see His unconditional love for your family and friends. There is nothing that is too wrong for the Father to forgive. He sees only His creation in you. His desire is for you to follow your heart on all matters for that is the only way to live in a world that is filled with so much pollution and decrepit ideology. Today is a day of great blessing for on this day of Love, all doors are opened to you. Follow your strength in God on this day. Follow the Holy Spirit. Follow the Saints before you. Be one with Me. There is no boundary between us other than the blocks in your heart and in your mind, so today I say, tear down all walls! Allow the Love I have for you to flow from Me to you to all others. There can be no boundaries in Love. No judgement, no choices. Love is the true gift of the Father that the enemy cannot stand. So today I declare your heart to be opened. All sadness to leave. Today I tell you that the Father lives within you as the Holy Spirit and therefore nothing can bring you down to your knees other than His grace upon your life. His love for your forefathers. His undying ecstasy when you recognize that you are His child. Today is a day of Heart, and therefore I say open your heart and receive the blessing of His Love. Open your mind and receive the Word of the Lord who created you. Open your body and receive the Spirit who ignites you. Open your vessel for I AM HERE.






A message from Jesus


From Jesus this morning for a reader(s)-

Wake up dear child for your time has come to surrender yourself to the world of the spirit. The Dove flies high in your sky now and you will be filled with hope and love for the Father and for your life. If you were to wake up without this reality then you would find yourself lost in the cloud of illusion every day. So stand up and embrace your destiny! Your doubt is understood and yet with compassion I tell you to dismiss it now for the world of the Spirit is more real than any food you might taste or any drink you might drink. So cast your eyes on Me for I am the way and the will of the Lord. Without Me all is lost. So believe, believe, believe. I do love you so.

If You Could See Everything I See- from Jesus



From Jesus tonight- this is quite beautiful.

“The world is filled with despair and hopelessness, however, if you could see what I see, then you would only be filled with hope and tremendous love.

You see the Father knows all things including the beginning and the end and He does not allow for anything to go unfinished.

For those of you who walk a path of loneliness, it is only a path and it has a beginning and an end. This can be said for anything you are suffering from at this time. Nothing stays the same for very long when you consider that eternity is really what lies ahead.

If you would consider that not even death can alter the Father’s plan for you then you would hold your head up much higher than you do now. For each one of you has doubt within their heart at this very moment.

If you only knew how much the Father loved all of His creation then you would embrace yourself as you embrace your child or beloved pet. For it is He who would like to see every single one of His children succeed.

If you could consider how much you are loved even when you stumble, then you would pick yourself up more quickly and brush off that dust with the innocence of a child falling down for the first time when he tries to walk.

Each of you has a beginning and an end of your story that is already planned. You see you walk hand in hand with the Creator whether you realize it or not. He has never left you even for an instant because you are a part of Him like a finger is part of a hand. He could not abandon you even if He wanted to.

We are all part of the same story. Our lives coincide whether you realize it or not. The suffering of your neighbor is your suffering too.

Therefore, I would ask that each and every one of you reach out now as the time for reconciliation draws near.

You are a part of a huge tree that has branches that extend not just across your street but across your ocean in to every crevice of the universe. You are never alone whether you feel that way or not. You are always joined by the Father who loves and adores you, the angels who watch over you and protect you and the Holy Spirit who guides your very breath.

I am you who would be nothing other than yourself. I am you who would cry out in desperation to be united with God. I am you who would reach higher than you ever thought you could reach.

If you will reach for Me, I will draw you nearer to my breast. I will hold you and comfort you. I will nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul.

I am the way. The only way. Please seek me now and I will answer your prayers.”

Blessings From Jesus for 2015



From Jesus-

“Dear Children,

The time has come for Me to bless you all with hope and love. There are so many things in the world that come undone at this time of year and I am here to reconnect you to your dreams and goals. The year 2015 invites in a promise from the Father to restore, rejuvenate and return darkness into light. There are many who struggle with finances and health issues. This is your year for restoration. If you have been praying for a release of God’s favor, I give it to you now. So hold your head up high to receive all that is not only good but great. 

I would like to impart this blessing to each of you individually so when you read this word, imagine Me in the Glory of the Father’s light shining it down on you. Open your hands wide and receive by God’s grace the prosperity you have prayed for. Receive the healing, the promotion or new home. You are your own friend or enemy here for it is only you who can reject or accept these blessings. For those who still stand in unforgiveness or dislike of yourself, it is time for you to let that unforgiveness go and walk along my side in peace with all. Peace is the way to all things good. Without peace and forgiveness there can be no blessings. Any aggravation or agitation will block the blessings that are headed your way. So my children I say BE FREE! Be free in your heart, your mind and your body. Do not allow the struggles in life to take you down. This is the year for prosperity in all things so open you hands now and RECEIVE!”

And I say BLESS YOU ALL AND AMEN!!!! Happy New Year! Please pass this on to your friends and family so they may be blessed as well!

Christmas Eve Blessing from Jesus



Tonight while cleaning, Jesus told me He would like to write on the page. This is what He said:

“It would be my wish on this Eve that all those who come to read this page are blessed with much prosperity in the new year. There are many who are struggling financially and I place a special blessing on them to receive what God has planned for them in the next 12 months. In particular, there is a woman who has been struggling to make her mortgage payment and I make a special provision now that this circumstance will be relieved.

As well there is another young girl who has just found out some unfortunate news and I say that this situation will be resolved totally and completely- if you will maintain your faith.

For all others who are struggling please take the extra step to renew your vows to Me for I am the Redeemer and the Savior. There are some who forget this and look to solve their problems on their own. That is not necessary for I have the answers to all situations and circumstances. All you must do is ask. I am asking you to ask now. Ask of Me your needs and they will be received.”

Hallelujah! Christ is born! Thank you God for Your Son!!!! Merry Christmas to all!

Knowing Nothing


EmilysQuotes.Com-truth-wisdom-intelligent-Socrates-knowledge-300x210This is the message from Jesus tonight for this blog:

“If you can’t figure out the answer then you must begin to realize that you don’t know everything. In fact, you know very little.

As human beings, you are always in a place of darkness because it is impossible to know for sure what is coming next. This causes much stress and anxiety for many because “unknowing” is a feeling of being out of control. The truth is, you are lacking control all the time. You don’t know very much of anything in the bigger picture and therefore the only safe and logical thing to do is pray, believe and stand strong in faith that God knows what He is doing.

This is why faith is mentioned over and over again in the bible. Almost every story has a message of faith blended into it. That’s because it is the crux of how to live your life. It is truly the only way.

Without faith, all that exists is fear. And that is where the enemy wants you because when you are in fear, he is in control. Fear is his dominion. So as each day comes to pass, live it with faith that your Father is going to take care of you. This is a fact. He will take care of you if you let Him. He will take care of all your needs but you must believe and know it. Once fear sets in, you are lost.

The enemy carries a knife and he would like to use it to cut you off from everything that allows you to live in faith and love. He would like for you to be blinded in fear, wondering aimlessly around without any confidence in God. The enemy would like to gather more for his army. Not because he really thinks he can win but because at least he is then making a stand against God. The enemy is ruthless and selfish and he cares only about himself. His only desire to steal as many souls from the Father as he can. But even then, he can’t win because I came to your world so that you could be set free. This made the enemy very angry but he will not give up.

Next time you lose confidence in the Father or in yourself, take a deep breath and know that’s where the enemy wants you. Therefore refuse to give in and instead, proclaim yourself as a blessed and favored son or daughter of the only true Creator and know that your Father loves you so much and He will provide your every need.”


Obedience to God



Jesus would like for me to write today about the importance of obedience to God. Actually, He wants to write it so here you go:

From Jesus-

There are many times when obedience to God will be misinterpreted or misunderstood. This is because most people do not truly understand what obedience to God means. I would like to explain it to you all. 

To be truly obedient does not require perfection of behavior. Your Father knows how prevalent sin is in your world. He does not expect you to live a completely sinless life. That would be truly difficult for most of you. What he does want is for you to listen to His Word as best as you can. If you are connected to the Holy Spirit, then you will have the ability to simply ask God what He wants for you and receive His answer. Obedience would mean that you listen and do what He says. The reason obedience is so important is because your Father knows what is best for you. He knows your whole life and what you struggle with and what you desire. His words and guidance will bring you closer to the life you truly want. When you are obedient to God it makes Him happy because He then knows that you are on the best path that your life can take and He wants the best for you. That is how strong His love is.

If you have not been baptized by the Holy Spirit then you may not have the ability to receive words directly for the Father. Obedience would then mean that you follow your inner conscience and the Holy Word of the bible- again to your best ability. Your inner conscience is the voice of your soul which is the closest thing you can get to the voice of the Father. 

I hope this clears up this for some of you. There is much confusion around this topic and Satan likes confusion, guilt, doubt, and fear. To fight this enemy, be clear, be forgiving and be accepting of others and their faults. Avoid judging others for while what they do may seem forbidden or wrong, the judgment is for the Father, not for you. 

I would like to bless all of the readers of this site for it is written in obedience and therefore there are many blessings in each word. Be blessed dear children and now that you are loved.” – Jesus

That was a great message for me to hear and I hope there are others who can benefit from it as well.