Monthly Archives: May 2016

All is Well


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I was praying this morning. Thanking God for everything and then asking Jesus to be with me. Telling Him that I all I wanted to do was serve HIm. He appeared as He does, before me. His face right in my face- as if He is staring through a window at me. I am able to see the detail of His face but mostly I see His eyes which are the bluest of blue and filled with the most love you could ever imagine.

He asked me to follow Him as He has many times. This time we were walking on vast mountains tops- similar to where I have walked with Him before. We sat down on the edge of a cliff, legs dangling down, staring at the most amazing view of a vast valley with more mountain peaks in the distance. I told Him that I just wanted to serve Him now, that it’s all I want to do. He said to me, “Do you see this vast creation? It was created by the Father. The Father is always creating. It is His nature to create. There is always creation going on and things are constantly changing.  All is well with you with you now. All is well with your health. All is well with your life. God has a plan for your life but it is in His divine time. For now, rest in Him. Rest in His creation.”

I got the message. There is a time for everything. I am eager to see what unfolds within the next few months. As for now, ALL IS WELL.

Visitation of an Angel


This morning I was praying and just thanking God for His goodness. I was lying on my back with my eyes closed and suddenly I had a visual image of the heavens parting and my body started jerking a bit. Then I saw a huge angel staring down at me. I believe is was Archangel Michael. He was huge and just hovering above me smiling. I feel so blessed right now.

A lot has changed recently. I feel a sense of newness and renewal. I know that God is moving and placing blessings on my life.

I send these blessings to you tenfold. May you be blessed in all ways. May there be new beginnings in your life as well.


Walking with Jesus- literally


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I went for a walk a couple of nights ago and was praying. Next thing I knew, Jesus was right there walking beside me. The first way I can tell He is there is because I feel Him put His hand in mine. It feels exactly like He is holding my hand but there is no heaviness of physical matter- so no weight. If you can imagine the feeling and warmth of someone holding your hand but it is light as a feather then that’s what it feels like. He told me to write a blog entry about this because He wants you to experience this too. So next time you take a walk, pray for Him to join you. He so desperately wants people to have supernatural experiences with Him now. It is time when Heaven is merging with earth and this is part of it. That’s what He is writing about through me and that’s why I was guided to start His blog. So please try it!