Walking with Jesus- literally


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 8.07.30 AM

I went for a walk a couple of nights ago and was praying. Next thing I knew, Jesus was right there walking beside me. The first way I can tell He is there is because I feel Him put His hand in mine. It feels exactly like He is holding my hand but there is no heaviness of physical matter- so no weight. If you can imagine the feeling and warmth of someone holding your hand but it is light as a feather then that’s what it feels like. He told me to write a blog entry about this because He wants you to experience this too. So next time you take a walk, pray for Him to join you. He so desperately wants people to have supernatural experiences with Him now. It is time when Heaven is merging with earth and this is part of it. That’s what He is writing about through me and that’s why I was guided to start His blog. So please try it!




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