Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Word From The Lord



From Jesus to you all:

Be thee blessed in the name of the Lord who created you! Shine out amongst the stars as a beam of brilliant light and love for all you encounter. Shirk not your responsibility as a child of the highest God to create within your circle a fire that burns brighter in the night than any sun.

The time has come! Unite with your brother and become what God has ordained you to be! Forget about the petty crisis of the world for it comes only to distract you from the great work at hand!

Unite with your sister and see not only what is in store for the world but the great blessings the Father has for each one of you.

The time draws near so lay down your swords of strife and pick up your mighty armor of love. This is a time for each one of you to fight your own battle of righteousness. Do not fall prey to the deceit of the world. Raise your chin high and march with the fierceness of the HOLY SON whom you serve. The lion lives within you! Seek prayer and quiet times now for the day draws nearer to when the true battles begins.

Doubt not that the word of GOD is all mighty in truth. Behave as a true child of God and do your duty. He depends on each and every one of you. BE BLESSED GREAT ARMY OF GOD! YOU ARE LOVED!

The Temple of Life


IMG_4679Today Jesus appeared while I was resting. He saw that I was tired and asked if I wanted healing. I said yes but instead of Him laying hands on me as He has before,  He asked me to follow Him. We went up a mountain that curved around to the left. There was a valley and we were very high up. There at the top of the mountain was a temple. Jesus told me it was the Temple of Life.

I followed Him in and I couldn’t believe what was there. It was filled with all forms of nature that were beaming brilliantly with life. There were waterfalls and ponds with colorful fish, gorgeous flowers of every kind, green plants, birds, butterflies and vines and green moss. It was the most “alive” feeling place I have ever been to- so incredibly peaceful, so restful, so energizing. I felt a childlike happiness and contentment take over me. The type that you might have has a young child playing in the sand at the beach. My body felt like it was ignited with health and radiance. I still feel it now. He told me I could return there anytime for rest and reprieve. It was incredible. I love Him so much.

If you have had a hard week, lie down, close your eyes and ask Jesus to take you to the Temple of Life. See what happens. I bet you have the same experience I had.