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If You Could See Everything I See- from Jesus



From Jesus tonight- this is quite beautiful.

“The world is filled with despair and hopelessness, however, if you could see what I see, then you would only be filled with hope and tremendous love.

You see the Father knows all things including the beginning and the end and He does not allow for anything to go unfinished.

For those of you who walk a path of loneliness, it is only a path and it has a beginning and an end. This can be said for anything you are suffering from at this time. Nothing stays the same for very long when you consider that eternity is really what lies ahead.

If you would consider that not even death can alter the Father’s plan for you then you would hold your head up much higher than you do now. For each one of you has doubt within their heart at this very moment.

If you only knew how much the Father loved all of His creation then you would embrace yourself as you embrace your child or beloved pet. For it is He who would like to see every single one of His children succeed.

If you could consider how much you are loved even when you stumble, then you would pick yourself up more quickly and brush off that dust with the innocence of a child falling down for the first time when he tries to walk.

Each of you has a beginning and an end of your story that is already planned. You see you walk hand in hand with the Creator whether you realize it or not. He has never left you even for an instant because you are a part of Him like a finger is part of a hand. He could not abandon you even if He wanted to.

We are all part of the same story. Our lives coincide whether you realize it or not. The suffering of your neighbor is your suffering too.

Therefore, I would ask that each and every one of you reach out now as the time for reconciliation draws near.

You are a part of a huge tree that has branches that extend not just across your street but across your ocean in to every crevice of the universe. You are never alone whether you feel that way or not. You are always joined by the Father who loves and adores you, the angels who watch over you and protect you and the Holy Spirit who guides your very breath.

I am you who would be nothing other than yourself. I am you who would cry out in desperation to be united with God. I am you who would reach higher than you ever thought you could reach.

If you will reach for Me, I will draw you nearer to my breast. I will hold you and comfort you. I will nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul.

I am the way. The only way. Please seek me now and I will answer your prayers.”

Obedience to God



Jesus would like for me to write today about the importance of obedience to God. Actually, He wants to write it so here you go:

From Jesus-

There are many times when obedience to God will be misinterpreted or misunderstood. This is because most people do not truly understand what obedience to God means. I would like to explain it to you all. 

To be truly obedient does not require perfection of behavior. Your Father knows how prevalent sin is in your world. He does not expect you to live a completely sinless life. That would be truly difficult for most of you. What he does want is for you to listen to His Word as best as you can. If you are connected to the Holy Spirit, then you will have the ability to simply ask God what He wants for you and receive His answer. Obedience would mean that you listen and do what He says. The reason obedience is so important is because your Father knows what is best for you. He knows your whole life and what you struggle with and what you desire. His words and guidance will bring you closer to the life you truly want. When you are obedient to God it makes Him happy because He then knows that you are on the best path that your life can take and He wants the best for you. That is how strong His love is.

If you have not been baptized by the Holy Spirit then you may not have the ability to receive words directly for the Father. Obedience would then mean that you follow your inner conscience and the Holy Word of the bible- again to your best ability. Your inner conscience is the voice of your soul which is the closest thing you can get to the voice of the Father. 

I hope this clears up this for some of you. There is much confusion around this topic and Satan likes confusion, guilt, doubt, and fear. To fight this enemy, be clear, be forgiving and be accepting of others and their faults. Avoid judging others for while what they do may seem forbidden or wrong, the judgment is for the Father, not for you. 

I would like to bless all of the readers of this site for it is written in obedience and therefore there are many blessings in each word. Be blessed dear children and now that you are loved.” – Jesus

That was a great message for me to hear and I hope there are others who can benefit from it as well.

Prayer for Strength



I wish I could tell you everything that has been going on. Jesus has been here daily with me being very supportive during a relapse back into illness. I was 90% better and then, BOOM, symptoms came in and hit me hard. This has happened before.

Jesus is healing me, but then I guess I sabotage my healing by eating foods I shouldn’t eat, drinking too much coffee etc. There has also been tremendous stress in my family with my son.

So, a few weeks ago, He led me to an amazing psychologist who is helping me with problems with my son.

My childhood was rocky with parents who were very young and unexperienced. I was the oldest child so they were in better shape (and age) when they had my brother. My father was an angry man in his 20’s and 30’s. I generally absorbed all of it and it deeply affected my self-esteem, self-worth etc. etc. All of this has been forgiven and worked through but when it came time for me to be a mother, I lacked a good role model for parenting. My son, therefore is bright, smart and lovely and also, for lack of a better word, spoiled. He also has had a good amount of trauma in his young life. I got sick for the first time when he was just 9 years old. It was rough on him. I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be. I was absent for him emotionally because I was so wrapped up in physical torture. Then 2 years later due to a mistake and complication in a surgery I had, I was sick again. This is what I am still recovering from. He has had five years of me being ill in some capacity and I think in many ways, he raised himself during this time. I simply was not able to do or be what I needed to do or be for him. So we are having problems in his teens years and it is stressful and very upsetting. I have been working through some of the issues with the psychologist and believe me, there is a good amount of guilt that I feel, even if I know I have done the best job I could under the circumstances. But it is always sad to feel defeated about your past when there is nothing you can do about it. I think this is part of the healing that Jesus is offering me now and I am SO grateful.

I hit rock bottom this weekend though, overcome with pain and sadness which of course made all the physical sickness worse. Do you know that many people will choose physical pain over emotional pain? Physical pain is actually a distraction from emotional pain and in many cases easier to deal with. I think that’s what happened in my case with this relapse.

Jesus has been here daily, supporting me and encouraging me. He is SO loving and gentle and kind. He smiles at me with the most loving eyes and tells me that I am going to make a full recovery and that everything is going to be okay. I can’t count how many times He has told me that. I do believe Him but I have to tell you, it is a long battle. Today He said this to me,

“If you could see how wonderful I think you are, it would change your thoughts on everything. I love you so much, so dearly. You are everything good to me. Cast out your doubts and self hatred. You have done nothing wrong in the eyes of God and you are forgiven. Forgiveness is key to your healing. Accept and receive it now.”

Today I pray for strength and confidence and I thank God for the continued blessings and favor on my life.


Dear God, I thank You for continuing to heal my life in every way. I thank You for giving me the strength and courage to carry on. I thank You for Your continued love and support and blessings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Invite Jesus into Your Life



Tonight, I asked for Jesus to be with me and I immediately felt Him come behind me and wrap His arms around me. I wish I could explain what this feels like. All I can say is that it’s the feeling of someone being there, as real as in the physical. When Jesus touches me, I feel the touch in my spirit body and therefore it translates to my physical body. I also see Him so it’s as real as having another person right there.

Tonight I had a candle going and He told me to look into the flame. He then said, “I am the light.” Sometimes a thought will hit me deeply and tonight I thought how amazing it was that God is so real. He is there protecting us. He is there for us. All we have to do is ask.

Jesus told me tonight to write a post telling you that He wants to be in your life but in order for that to happen, you have to invite Him. Some people think that if they go to church and pray, Jesus will be in their lives. Of course that is better than nothing but Jesus wants you to know that He needs you to actually invite Him into your life for you have free will and He needs the invitation.

He wants this. Everything is changing quickly and it is time now. If you ask Him. He will be there.


Dear Jesus, I surrender myself to You now. Everything I do, everything I am, I give back to You. I want my will to be Your will. Please Jesus, come into my life and work through me. I invite You in. I give myself to You today as Your obedient servant and I ask for Your healing. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. 

Worship instead of Worry



Today while meditating and praying in tongues, I felt Jesus right behind me, His hands on my shoulders. He said, “I am healing you now.” I then felt myself moving upward and then I felt like I was kneeling before God. A big booming voice came out and said, “Do you want to get over illness?” I replied, “Yes I do”. Then He said, “Then ignore your body and focus more on Me.”

This was profound and well heard because I do focus too much on my body. I always have. It started years ago when I was a teen. I am now going to make an effort to shift my focus more often and worship instead of worry. 🙂 Praise GOD!!!