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Christmas Eve Blessing from Jesus



Tonight while cleaning, Jesus told me He would like to write on the page. This is what He said:

“It would be my wish on this Eve that all those who come to read this page are blessed with much prosperity in the new year. There are many who are struggling financially and I place a special blessing on them to receive what God has planned for them in the next 12 months. In particular, there is a woman who has been struggling to make her mortgage payment and I make a special provision now that this circumstance will be relieved.

As well there is another young girl who has just found out some unfortunate news and I say that this situation will be resolved totally and completely- if you will maintain your faith.

For all others who are struggling please take the extra step to renew your vows to Me for I am the Redeemer and the Savior. There are some who forget this and look to solve their problems on their own. That is not necessary for I have the answers to all situations and circumstances. All you must do is ask. I am asking you to ask now. Ask of Me your needs and they will be received.”

Hallelujah! Christ is born! Thank you God for Your Son!!!! Merry Christmas to all!

Another Revelation about Healing


HealedJesus gave me another incredible revelation that was confirmed this morning. He is so amazing!!!

I was praying and meditating for about 1.5 hours this morning and afterward, Jesus came to me and said, “I want you to listen to these words. Come, walk with me,” He then showed me a group of beautiful trees and said, “Do you see these trees? They grow tall towards the sky.” Then He showed me green grass and He said, “Do you see this grass? It grows thick and abundant with life.” Then He showed me some beautiful flowers and He said, “Do you see these flowers, they grow in their beauty towards the sun. God takes care of all of them. They are His children and He provides what they need to survive. God provides this way for you as well. When you ask for something from the Father, it is given. Therefore, when someone prays over you for healing, it is given. The night I came to you and healed you, your healing was finished. When I said I have healed you in all ways, I meant it. In the supernatural or spiritual realm, it is complete. You are healed. All you have to do now is believe and wait for it to manifest.”

When this session was over, I was looking at my email and in my inbox, the was the daily prayer I get from Joel Osteen. IT said this-

The Time Has Already Been Set

“My times are in your hands…”
(Psalm 31:15, NIV)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria:
In life, oftentimes we are waiting for something; waiting for a dream to come to pass, waiting to meet the right person, waiting for a problem to turn around. When things aren’t happening as fast as we would like, it’s easy to get frustrated. But you have to realize, the moment you prayed, God established a set time to bring the promise to pass.

God has a set time for your opportunity. There is a set time for that problem to turn around, a set time for your healing, your promotion, your breakthrough. It may be tomorrow, next week or five years from now, but when you understand the time has already been set, it takes all the pressure off. You won’t live worried, wondering when this is ever going to happen. You’ll relax and enjoy your life knowing that the promise has already been scheduled, and your answer is on the way!

Hallelujah! This is pretty much what Jesus just told me! I feel like this is a very strong message today everybody. So if you have been praying for healing without results, know that they are coming. Stand in faith!!!!


Visitation of Angels


I’m not sure what just happened. I finished my morning prayer and communion and at the end I prayed. I was told to stand up which I did. I felt angels around me and then I saw a huge angel before me. It made tears come to my eyes and once more I repented for my sins even though I know I have been forgiven. You cannot stand before total truth and love without all impurities coming out.

God then asked me what I wanted but this time He asked for myself. I said healing of my body, my family and finances. He then asked what I would like for others and I said healing of others who are in need and and even healing for the whole world. I told Him how the world was such a mess with so much suffering. He knows this of course so I don’t know why I told Him that. There was once again a feeling of elevation as if I was rising up inside myself and then I could see the hands of angels doing things to my body. Then I felt like a waterfall of golden light came cascading down over the top of my head to my feet. It was flowing over me and through me. Brilliant feeling.

I am totally sure that my body is being restored totally and completely. Zero doubts now. I have already gotten so much better but I am so ready for complete health and balance now.

If you are sick, you are out of balance with God because in God there is no disease. If you take a look at your life you have probably suffered trauma and injury, heartbreak, disappointment etc. This is Satan’s game and what brings on illness. Some may ask why then does a baby or child get sick? The answer there is that sometimes there are generational curses that get carried from generation to generation. These generational curses must be broken.

Get right with God totally and completely and He will heal you. That’s His promise. That is why He sent Jesus.


Obedience to God



Jesus would like for me to write today about the importance of obedience to God. Actually, He wants to write it so here you go:

From Jesus-

There are many times when obedience to God will be misinterpreted or misunderstood. This is because most people do not truly understand what obedience to God means. I would like to explain it to you all. 

To be truly obedient does not require perfection of behavior. Your Father knows how prevalent sin is in your world. He does not expect you to live a completely sinless life. That would be truly difficult for most of you. What he does want is for you to listen to His Word as best as you can. If you are connected to the Holy Spirit, then you will have the ability to simply ask God what He wants for you and receive His answer. Obedience would mean that you listen and do what He says. The reason obedience is so important is because your Father knows what is best for you. He knows your whole life and what you struggle with and what you desire. His words and guidance will bring you closer to the life you truly want. When you are obedient to God it makes Him happy because He then knows that you are on the best path that your life can take and He wants the best for you. That is how strong His love is.

If you have not been baptized by the Holy Spirit then you may not have the ability to receive words directly for the Father. Obedience would then mean that you follow your inner conscience and the Holy Word of the bible- again to your best ability. Your inner conscience is the voice of your soul which is the closest thing you can get to the voice of the Father. 

I hope this clears up this for some of you. There is much confusion around this topic and Satan likes confusion, guilt, doubt, and fear. To fight this enemy, be clear, be forgiving and be accepting of others and their faults. Avoid judging others for while what they do may seem forbidden or wrong, the judgment is for the Father, not for you. 

I would like to bless all of the readers of this site for it is written in obedience and therefore there are many blessings in each word. Be blessed dear children and now that you are loved.” – Jesus

That was a great message for me to hear and I hope there are others who can benefit from it as well.

Today’s Healing



Tonight before taking communion, I was kneeling before my altar praying and thanking God for all He has given me. I told him that I was sorry for the mistakes I have made etc. When I was done, Jesus said something like, “Open your ears and hear the voice of the Father.” Then I was told to stand up. When I stood up, I heard the deeper voice of God and He asked, “What is the healing you desire?” I answered, healing for every single cell of my body and that my feet and knees etc. be restored. As soon as I said that I felt a golden tingling settling down throughout my whole body. It’s like it was a brilliant life force filling me up but it tingled and was slightly warm. I was told to lie down on my bed and I did. The healing continued for about 5-10 minutes. I then got up and I am feeling really good. I am so excited and grateful about what God is doing in my life and I really want to help others to know how real this stuff is. I am expecting a full recovery soon. I know it is coming. All systems healed, knees replaced etc. I am so excited and I feel so much love.


Look Into My Eyes





Jesus stood in front of me last night and said to look into His eyes. His eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen but I had never truly looked into them until last night. He stood so close to my face that I could see deep into them. There was the most love I have ever felt. It’s like heaven was is in His eyes. The joy, the profound love. We truly have no idea how much we are loved. I am beginning to realize how great that is. After I looked into His eyes, it was almost as if I was looking through His eyes because I began to see things so much brighter and in a loving way. Between this and my experience of viewing Heaven a few days ago, I can feel a deep change occurring within me. Almost as if the fear is leaving. God is great, God is good. Good is Love. If only we could truly understand how true these statements are. 



Dear Father, How I thank You for giving me all I need. I am blessed with the True Love you have for me. Please allow me to feel that Love daily. Please let that Love grow in my heart. Thank you Lord. Amen