Every once and awhile, there for be a word of knowledge or prophetic word for someone reading this blog.

Please feel free to comment if you feel the word was for you. ❤


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  1. Yesterday’s word of knowledge did speak to me (Nov.17), as I have been concerned about my 3 year-old daughter’s health. When I read that “my little one” would recover, that worry left me immediately because I knew Jesus was watching over my daughter. I have been praying a lot with my family and asking Jesus to heal each family member’s ailments because I believe that Jesus does want us to enjoy our lives in excellent health. If we open our hearts and believe that He wants to heal us in every way, we will then be able to receive those blessings and promises in the Bible! Jesus healed an old neck injury I had years ago as well as my allergies. The day my neck was healed He realigned my entire back/neck, as I felt every single vertebrae in my spine adjust! What a wild, but truly amazing experience to feel His healing power! Jesus, thank you and I love you! Glory to God and Jesus! I was not expecting the healing when it happened, as I had been praying for months before the healing actually took place. Please pray for my daughter, husband, and me. Thank you!

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