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And the Father is Faithful


Our-God-healsAnother big gap between posts. Jesus has been visiting me daily- continuing to help me with healing. He is still teaching me. Today however, God Himself came forth. I am still in shock and awe.

I have been taking communion daily at an altar in my room. Praying beforehand and then reading an excerpt  about healing in 90 Days to Possess Your Healing by Kynan Bridges. Today after praying, a voice came booming in. He said my name and then asked me to climb up to Him. I felt myself rising up through the top of my head to a place of total light. Then the voice said something like, ” I heal you of all sickness that your liver will recover, your eyes, your ears, your kidneys and bladder. That you will be made whole again. As you have been faithful to me, I am faithful to you.” I felt the feeling of energy, brightness and life radiate into my whole body. Pretty incredible.

I have been having a hard time standing in faith because I have been in excruciating pain at times. A few weeks ago. Jesus led me to a psychologist who is heeling me to clear out the root cause of illness. In my case, I discovered that as a child, my mother really was only nurturing and giving me attention when I was ill. I guess I learned that being sick was important for survival. So contraindicative!! I then have realized that growing up, I took care of my younger brother when my mother was neglectful. That’s why he turned out so differently than me. He has been very successful in his life and It’s because I filled in the gap that he was missing from my mother.

The healing is very real now though. When Jesus said He “healed me in all ways, He meant it.” No stone left unturned. I am getting better now again but it is slow. I hope the interaction from God today speeds things up! I have been told to stick a very strict diet. A version of the Daniel Fast for 3 weeks. God is SO GOOD!!!

Bless you all!!!

It’s a New Day


Huge healing the past two days of trauma etc from my childhood. God is so good. Jesus has been there supporting me as I continue to heal. Buried stress, traumas and emotions can lead to physical illness. When Jesus said He healed me in all ways, He meant it. I have been clearing out much pain from childhood and I’m feeling amazing!

Dear God, thank you for blessing me so profusely and for healing me in all ways. I remain strong and in faith that complete healing and restoration is my Divine right. Thank you Jesus. Amen

Prayer for Strength



I wish I could tell you everything that has been going on. Jesus has been here daily with me being very supportive during a relapse back into illness. I was 90% better and then, BOOM, symptoms came in and hit me hard. This has happened before.

Jesus is healing me, but then I guess I sabotage my healing by eating foods I shouldn’t eat, drinking too much coffee etc. There has also been tremendous stress in my family with my son.

So, a few weeks ago, He led me to an amazing psychologist who is helping me with problems with my son.

My childhood was rocky with parents who were very young and unexperienced. I was the oldest child so they were in better shape (and age) when they had my brother. My father was an angry man in his 20’s and 30’s. I generally absorbed all of it and it deeply affected my self-esteem, self-worth etc. etc. All of this has been forgiven and worked through but when it came time for me to be a mother, I lacked a good role model for parenting. My son, therefore is bright, smart and lovely and also, for lack of a better word, spoiled. He also has had a good amount of trauma in his young life. I got sick for the first time when he was just 9 years old. It was rough on him. I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be. I was absent for him emotionally because I was so wrapped up in physical torture. Then 2 years later due to a mistake and complication in a surgery I had, I was sick again. This is what I am still recovering from. He has had five years of me being ill in some capacity and I think in many ways, he raised himself during this time. I simply was not able to do or be what I needed to do or be for him. So we are having problems in his teens years and it is stressful and very upsetting. I have been working through some of the issues with the psychologist and believe me, there is a good amount of guilt that I feel, even if I know I have done the best job I could under the circumstances. But it is always sad to feel defeated about your past when there is nothing you can do about it. I think this is part of the healing that Jesus is offering me now and I am SO grateful.

I hit rock bottom this weekend though, overcome with pain and sadness which of course made all the physical sickness worse. Do you know that many people will choose physical pain over emotional pain? Physical pain is actually a distraction from emotional pain and in many cases easier to deal with. I think that’s what happened in my case with this relapse.

Jesus has been here daily, supporting me and encouraging me. He is SO loving and gentle and kind. He smiles at me with the most loving eyes and tells me that I am going to make a full recovery and that everything is going to be okay. I can’t count how many times He has told me that. I do believe Him but I have to tell you, it is a long battle. Today He said this to me,

“If you could see how wonderful I think you are, it would change your thoughts on everything. I love you so much, so dearly. You are everything good to me. Cast out your doubts and self hatred. You have done nothing wrong in the eyes of God and you are forgiven. Forgiveness is key to your healing. Accept and receive it now.”

Today I pray for strength and confidence and I thank God for the continued blessings and favor on my life.


Dear God, I thank You for continuing to heal my life in every way. I thank You for giving me the strength and courage to carry on. I thank You for Your continued love and support and blessings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.




Something has shifted in me. God is giving me so many signs. I now totally believe my healing will manifest completely or as Jesus told me “I have healed you in all ways.”

That means physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I believe it all now.

Tonight to affirm this, I was lying in my bed resting. Jesus told me to open my eyes. I did and then He asked if I could see Him. I could. He then leaned over me and said, “I am real and I am here for you.”

It brought tears to my eyes. He loves us all SO MUCH.


Dear God, please help me to believe and know of Your Glory. Show me the signs that I might need to help improve my belief. I am Your child and I’m asking through Your Grace for this help. In Jesus name, Amen.

Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit


Some of you may be wondering why I say Jesus is speaking to me instead of God or the Holy Spirit. I believe it is all mostly the same voice however, Jesus has been the one who presented Himself to me from the very beginning. When I say He presented Himself to me, I mean He literally showed up in my dining room one day. It has always been Him and therefore I always refer to the words I receive as “from Jesus”. A few times God has spoken to me and His voice seems much deeper.

When I see Jesus it is with my spirit eye. I see Him though as clearly as if He were here. Sometimes He is in this dimension and sometimes I see Him in the spirit dimension. The day He came to heal me, He was standing in my room over me. Yet other times, it feels like He is behind me and other times He is right in front of me and I see His beautiful face. He is truly the most beautiful being I have ever seen and His eyes are pure love. ❤

Stand In Faith with Jesus



It’s been about 10 days since I posted. Much going on but little time to write. Jesus has been doing amazing things as usual. Lately His presence has been magnificent while I am at work. I work as a therapist and Jesus is usually there in my sessions. My business has no religious affiliation however every once and awhile, someone comes in that Jesus is very interested in helping. This past week, there were three cases like this. The clients came in and Jesus was there guiding the sessions. It is always beautiful and amazing when this happens. I am usually trying hard to hold back tears. This week, there was big healing for a poor woman who was sexually abused by her father while her mother knew about it. ThIs went on for years but she never gave up on Jesus. The amount of faith she had was such an example. I see great healing for her now.

If you are having a bad time, please choose to stand in Faith. Jesus does not give up or give in. He NEVER quits and He will not quit on you. Stand in Faith. Be patient and you will see success.

Prayer- Dear Father, I come before you in complete humility asking You for Your help with __________________. I choose to believe that you heal everything and that I must now stand in Faith. I give you all of my problems and allow you to work through me. In Jesus name. Amen.