Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit


Some of you may be wondering why I say Jesus is speaking to me instead of God or the Holy Spirit. I believe it is all mostly the same voice however, Jesus has been the one who presented Himself to me from the very beginning. When I say He presented Himself to me, I mean He literally showed up in my dining room one day. It has always been Him and therefore I always refer to the words I receive as “from Jesus”. A few times God has spoken to me and His voice seems much deeper.

When I see Jesus it is with my spirit eye. I see Him though as clearly as if He were here. Sometimes He is in this dimension and sometimes I see Him in the spirit dimension. The day He came to heal me, He was standing in my room over me. Yet other times, it feels like He is behind me and other times He is right in front of me and I see His beautiful face. He is truly the most beautiful being I have ever seen and His eyes are pure love. ❤

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