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And the Father is Faithful


Our-God-healsAnother big gap between posts. Jesus has been visiting me daily- continuing to help me with healing. He is still teaching me. Today however, God Himself came forth. I am still in shock and awe.

I have been taking communion daily at an altar in my room. Praying beforehand and then reading an excerpt  about healing in 90 Days to Possess Your Healing by Kynan Bridges. Today after praying, a voice came booming in. He said my name and then asked me to climb up to Him. I felt myself rising up through the top of my head to a place of total light. Then the voice said something like, ” I heal you of all sickness that your liver will recover, your eyes, your ears, your kidneys and bladder. That you will be made whole again. As you have been faithful to me, I am faithful to you.” I felt the feeling of energy, brightness and life radiate into my whole body. Pretty incredible.

I have been having a hard time standing in faith because I have been in excruciating pain at times. A few weeks ago. Jesus led me to a psychologist who is heeling me to clear out the root cause of illness. In my case, I discovered that as a child, my mother really was only nurturing and giving me attention when I was ill. I guess I learned that being sick was important for survival. So contraindicative!! I then have realized that growing up, I took care of my younger brother when my mother was neglectful. That’s why he turned out so differently than me. He has been very successful in his life and It’s because I filled in the gap that he was missing from my mother.

The healing is very real now though. When Jesus said He “healed me in all ways, He meant it.” No stone left unturned. I am getting better now again but it is slow. I hope the interaction from God today speeds things up! I have been told to stick a very strict diet. A version of the Daniel Fast for 3 weeks. God is SO GOOD!!!

Bless you all!!!