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Holy Holy


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I am not sure what to write about because there are a million things that are going on. I am 3/4 finished with Jesus’ book and it’s amazing, but it’s been a rocky few months. I’ve been experiencing so much stress that it took the place of everything else and I think I “shut down”. I have moved out of the house I lived for ten years. It meant going through piles of “stuff” I no longer want or need. Things seem to have a past connected to them which brings up emotion, whether good or bad. This was challenging.

So what is the point of this post? It truly is not to update everyone on the trials I am going through but to give confidence and support to those who are going through things similar.

Jesus said to me today that He is taking care of me- that everything will be okay, I will be healed and He will provide everything that I need. He didn’t say “maybe” or “most likely,” He said, “He WILL.” These words were very real. Hearing Him so clearly seems to be a gift that I have been given. Some may call it prophetic. To me, it is simply Jesus talking to me as if He was right here in the room beside me. I see Him too, but sometimes it is just His voice which is soothing and filled with nothing but pure love, compassion, and understanding.

So if you are going through hard times, I believe the word I received today is meant to be shared so RECEIVE IT and be blessed in all ways.



It’s all about LOVE, LOVE , LOVE.



Jesus has continued to be with me daily. There has continued to be much healing and teaching. I was instructed to do a version of the Daniel Fast which I am doing. This is really helping my body. I have been praying and taking communion daily and continuing to read the Kynan Bridges “90 Days to Possess Your Healing.” The biggest message from Jesus though is about Love. He recently led me to Todd White. If you don’t know who Todd is then look him up. Such an amazing embodiment of God. Miracles work through him daily and when you see him speak, you know he is the real deal. Todd talks quite a bit about Love- specifically, how much God loves us. I have been praying to be able to feel this dynamic love and it is coming.

What blocks us from love? Nothing but our own mind. For so much, if us, we believe that we do not deserve God’s true love, that we are unlovable. Due to our childhood circumstances, or words that were said by our parents, teachers or friends, we feel we are flawed. WE ARE NOT FLAWED. WE ARE SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

God does not expect perfection because God knows how strong the influence of Satan is. God does expect us to repent for our sins, however,  because that is why He sent Jesus in the first place.

I highly suggest you begin to pray daily to receive God’s true love. That is what He wants. He told me that Himself. He wants us to know how much we are loved.

In Jesus’ name cast out the demons that block you from God’s love. They are trying to take you down. Refuse them. Command them to go. They have no place in you. You are a Divine Child of God. You are loved.



Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit


Some of you may be wondering why I say Jesus is speaking to me instead of God or the Holy Spirit. I believe it is all mostly the same voice however, Jesus has been the one who presented Himself to me from the very beginning. When I say He presented Himself to me, I mean He literally showed up in my dining room one day. It has always been Him and therefore I always refer to the words I receive as “from Jesus”. A few times God has spoken to me and His voice seems much deeper.

When I see Jesus it is with my spirit eye. I see Him though as clearly as if He were here. Sometimes He is in this dimension and sometimes I see Him in the spirit dimension. The day He came to heal me, He was standing in my room over me. Yet other times, it feels like He is behind me and other times He is right in front of me and I see His beautiful face. He is truly the most beautiful being I have ever seen and His eyes are pure love. ❤

Stand In Faith with Jesus



It’s been about 10 days since I posted. Much going on but little time to write. Jesus has been doing amazing things as usual. Lately His presence has been magnificent while I am at work. I work as a therapist and Jesus is usually there in my sessions. My business has no religious affiliation however every once and awhile, someone comes in that Jesus is very interested in helping. This past week, there were three cases like this. The clients came in and Jesus was there guiding the sessions. It is always beautiful and amazing when this happens. I am usually trying hard to hold back tears. This week, there was big healing for a poor woman who was sexually abused by her father while her mother knew about it. ThIs went on for years but she never gave up on Jesus. The amount of faith she had was such an example. I see great healing for her now.

If you are having a bad time, please choose to stand in Faith. Jesus does not give up or give in. He NEVER quits and He will not quit on you. Stand in Faith. Be patient and you will see success.

Prayer- Dear Father, I come before you in complete humility asking You for Your help with __________________. I choose to believe that you heal everything and that I must now stand in Faith. I give you all of my problems and allow you to work through me. In Jesus name. Amen.

Invite Jesus into Your Life



Tonight, I asked for Jesus to be with me and I immediately felt Him come behind me and wrap His arms around me. I wish I could explain what this feels like. All I can say is that it’s the feeling of someone being there, as real as in the physical. When Jesus touches me, I feel the touch in my spirit body and therefore it translates to my physical body. I also see Him so it’s as real as having another person right there.

Tonight I had a candle going and He told me to look into the flame. He then said, “I am the light.” Sometimes a thought will hit me deeply and tonight I thought how amazing it was that God is so real. He is there protecting us. He is there for us. All we have to do is ask.

Jesus told me tonight to write a post telling you that He wants to be in your life but in order for that to happen, you have to invite Him. Some people think that if they go to church and pray, Jesus will be in their lives. Of course that is better than nothing but Jesus wants you to know that He needs you to actually invite Him into your life for you have free will and He needs the invitation.

He wants this. Everything is changing quickly and it is time now. If you ask Him. He will be there.


Dear Jesus, I surrender myself to You now. Everything I do, everything I am, I give back to You. I want my will to be Your will. Please Jesus, come into my life and work through me. I invite You in. I give myself to You today as Your obedient servant and I ask for Your healing. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. 

Baptized by Jesus



Today has already started off on a great note. This morning I was lying in bed resting before I got up. I have been upset because I re-injured one of my knees at the gym. It was a knee that I really damaged two years ago skiing. It had healed after a process of stem cell injections (my own) and PRP (Platelet rich plasma- also my own) but it was a long and arduous process. Jesus has told me repeatedly that I did not re-injure it terribly- just aggravated it and it will be better in a week or so. But, just lying in bed with ice packs brought back the trauma of the original injury. Anyway I finished praying, Jesus was right in my face telling me everything was going to be fine. He is SOOOOO patient with me. He never gives up on me or gets angry. He is always incredibly loving and patient when I lose faith or fall into doubt.

Long story short, I began talking to Him about baptism. You see I was christened as a baby in an Episcopalian church but I have never had the full water baptism. I asked Jesus if I was was truly “born again” if I have never had a full water baptism? He then stood over me, took His hand and drew the sign of the cross on my forehead and said, “I baptize you.” I then felt as if waters from heaven were washing over me. I could see the waves and I felt a cleansing.

Pretty amazing. I am feeling very blessed right now. Today, I pass those blessings on to you in Jesus name!

Prayer for the day-

Father, thank you for blessing me and keeping me clean with Your Holy water. Thank you for washing me daily from my sins with Your everlasting forgiveness. Thank you for keeping me safe and strong and healthy. I love you so. Amen

Look Into My Eyes





Jesus stood in front of me last night and said to look into His eyes. His eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen but I had never truly looked into them until last night. He stood so close to my face that I could see deep into them. There was the most love I have ever felt. It’s like heaven was is in His eyes. The joy, the profound love. We truly have no idea how much we are loved. I am beginning to realize how great that is. After I looked into His eyes, it was almost as if I was looking through His eyes because I began to see things so much brighter and in a loving way. Between this and my experience of viewing Heaven a few days ago, I can feel a deep change occurring within me. Almost as if the fear is leaving. God is great, God is good. Good is Love. If only we could truly understand how true these statements are. 



Dear Father, How I thank You for giving me all I need. I am blessed with the True Love you have for me. Please allow me to feel that Love daily. Please let that Love grow in my heart. Thank you Lord. Amen


Saving the Atheist




I work as a therapist. Today I had a regular day until my last client. She was an elderly woman in her early 70’s. While she was filling out the intake form, I went to use the restroom. Walking down the hall on my way back, Jesus popped in and started walking next to me. I was surprised because it was so unexpected. He said to me that my this client (the elderly woman) was a very special person and to take great care with her. I said I would do my best. I started the sessions with the regular intake and we started talking. It was funny because I was assuming she was a great Christian since Jesus has said she was so “special”. After some time, I asked her is she was spiritual or religious and she said, “No, I’m an atheist. I have been for years.” I was totally thrown back! An atheist! I have had atheists come into my office before and so it’s not like I have never seen this but Jesus had told me she was so special. This woman told me that she respected other people’s faith but that she saw things very scientific and black and white and therefore she did not believe in God. 

Tonight I asked Jesus what that was all about and He told me that I was to bring her to Him. Wow. Tall order! How to save an atheist??? I told Him that He would have to do that work because that was His territory, not mine. He laughed and told me not to worry, He would take care of it. 

I imagine by the end of her sessions some conversation will come up where we will talk about Jesus or Christianity. Jesus said she will need Him when she is ready to die. I will keep the blog posted on this! 😉

Breathing with Jesus



I don’t know how to describe what has been going on the past day, but I think Jesus is teaching me to be with and feel the Holy Spirit inside of me. Yesterday He told me to allow Him to “breathe for me.” I didn’t know what He meant really but then I relaxed and I noticed suddenly that my breathing became very long and slow with a full inhalation. Today, while walking on the beach He was beside me and then He said, “I want to walk within you.” Then I felt like He merged with me and was walking right with me simultaneously. At that point, I felt the deepest sense of peace and love I have felt in a long time. I believe this is being in touch with the Holy Spirit within all of us. The UNITY, and Oneness of everything. Jesus lives inside of us.

I think this is how He will be with me from now on. Not walking beside me but literally walking within me.

God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus are the Holy Trinity. They are one and the same. Today I am blessed and grateful to feel this much stronger connection and unity with them.



What a Day



Lately, I have been feeling attacked by anything and everything that could cause me harm or bring me down- especially an inner ear issue that brought me to my knees a few years ago. I went through a series of prayers- casting out the spirit of trauma that came in during that time but I still felt unsettled.

So today I said, “Jesus please give me some confidence that things will change and that I am not alone in this world.”

He replied in a loving tone, “I am here behind you, in front of you, on either side of you, above you and below you. I am in every single cell of your body. How can you feel alone when we are married like this?”

I burst into tears. There was something that was so moving about what He said. Today I think that maybe I am beginning to get how much I am loved and cared for. WOW.