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A Vision to Contemplate



Jesus gave me a vision yesterday which I am still thinking about. He asked me to walk with Him in the spirit realm as He has done many times before. This time though, we passed a graveyard. He then said, “This is for those who have unbelief.” Then we passed a small square house and He said something like, “This is for those who claim to be Christian.” Then we passed a huge mansion and He said, “This is for those who truly believe and have faith.”

This really hit me for some reason. If life, what we believe is directly related to what we receive. I will continue to meditate on this today. God bless you all.


Holy Father, How I thank you for teaching me the things I need to know in order to receive Your Glory. I thank You for giving me the instruction I need daily to succeed. I thank You for increasing my faith in You, Your miracles and Your way. Amen.

Word of Knowledge for a reader-

There is one of you whom has recently discovered something about a loved one that was very upsetting. Your faith and trust in this person has been broken. Please know that the situation is not as horrible as you first thought. The details have been skewed. While your heart has been hurt, please be open to a new beginning with this person for there is still much happiness the two of you can find together.