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If You Could See Everything I See- from Jesus



From Jesus tonight- this is quite beautiful.

“The world is filled with despair and hopelessness, however, if you could see what I see, then you would only be filled with hope and tremendous love.

You see the Father knows all things including the beginning and the end and He does not allow for anything to go unfinished.

For those of you who walk a path of loneliness, it is only a path and it has a beginning and an end. This can be said for anything you are suffering from at this time. Nothing stays the same for very long when you consider that eternity is really what lies ahead.

If you would consider that not even death can alter the Father’s plan for you then you would hold your head up much higher than you do now. For each one of you has doubt within their heart at this very moment.

If you only knew how much the Father loved all of His creation then you would embrace yourself as you embrace your child or beloved pet. For it is He who would like to see every single one of His children succeed.

If you could consider how much you are loved even when you stumble, then you would pick yourself up more quickly and brush off that dust with the innocence of a child falling down for the first time when he tries to walk.

Each of you has a beginning and an end of your story that is already planned. You see you walk hand in hand with the Creator whether you realize it or not. He has never left you even for an instant because you are a part of Him like a finger is part of a hand. He could not abandon you even if He wanted to.

We are all part of the same story. Our lives coincide whether you realize it or not. The suffering of your neighbor is your suffering too.

Therefore, I would ask that each and every one of you reach out now as the time for reconciliation draws near.

You are a part of a huge tree that has branches that extend not just across your street but across your ocean in to every crevice of the universe. You are never alone whether you feel that way or not. You are always joined by the Father who loves and adores you, the angels who watch over you and protect you and the Holy Spirit who guides your very breath.

I am you who would be nothing other than yourself. I am you who would cry out in desperation to be united with God. I am you who would reach higher than you ever thought you could reach.

If you will reach for Me, I will draw you nearer to my breast. I will hold you and comfort you. I will nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul.

I am the way. The only way. Please seek me now and I will answer your prayers.”

It’s all about LOVE, LOVE , LOVE.



Jesus has continued to be with me daily. There has continued to be much healing and teaching. I was instructed to do a version of the Daniel Fast which I am doing. This is really helping my body. I have been praying and taking communion daily and continuing to read the Kynan Bridges “90 Days to Possess Your Healing.” The biggest message from Jesus though is about Love. He recently led me to Todd White. If you don’t know who Todd is then look him up. Such an amazing embodiment of God. Miracles work through him daily and when you see him speak, you know he is the real deal. Todd talks quite a bit about Love- specifically, how much God loves us. I have been praying to be able to feel this dynamic love and it is coming.

What blocks us from love? Nothing but our own mind. For so much, if us, we believe that we do not deserve God’s true love, that we are unlovable. Due to our childhood circumstances, or words that were said by our parents, teachers or friends, we feel we are flawed. WE ARE NOT FLAWED. WE ARE SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

God does not expect perfection because God knows how strong the influence of Satan is. God does expect us to repent for our sins, however,  because that is why He sent Jesus in the first place.

I highly suggest you begin to pray daily to receive God’s true love. That is what He wants. He told me that Himself. He wants us to know how much we are loved.

In Jesus’ name cast out the demons that block you from God’s love. They are trying to take you down. Refuse them. Command them to go. They have no place in you. You are a Divine Child of God. You are loved.



It’s a New Day


Huge healing the past two days of trauma etc from my childhood. God is so good. Jesus has been there supporting me as I continue to heal. Buried stress, traumas and emotions can lead to physical illness. When Jesus said He healed me in all ways, He meant it. I have been clearing out much pain from childhood and I’m feeling amazing!

Dear God, thank you for blessing me so profusely and for healing me in all ways. I remain strong and in faith that complete healing and restoration is my Divine right. Thank you Jesus. Amen

Keep Your Thoughts in Heaven



Tonight I was praying and I asked Jesus to help me control my diet. I feel like I have been eating a bit away from what I’d like but He quickly said, “Your diet is fine. What you need to work on are your thoughts.”

When He says things like this it catches me completely off guard. You see there is still a part of me that is in disbelief sometimes of my conversations and the other supernatural things that have occurred. But, when He speaks like this and His answer is totally unexpected (and true!) I am always blown away. Usually the realization of the realness of Him will make me start laughing. I think that’s because there is a part of me that is so relieved! Tonight He told me that He wants my thoughts to be in Heaven. In fact He invited me to live in Heaven with Him. When He said that, I asked if that meant I would die but He said, “No, it means I want you to keep your thoughts and mind in Heaven with me.”

It is so easy to get stuck in the world and all it’s problems. Today even on a Christian radio station they were talking about potential terror attacks. The truth is, if everyone just kept their mind in Heaven, there would be no crime, war or evil.

I am going to work on this now. I can’t say I will be successful but it is definitely a good daily goal.

Tonight Jesus also healed me again. I have been run down with a cold the past week and tonight He just took it away. I feel great. This is the prayer He told me to share with you.

For healing say repeatedly, “I am open to receive healing from my Father God and His son, Lord Jesus Christ.”

Say this over and over until you feel the angels come down with the healing. It feels like golden power and love. ❤

Healing Prayer-

“I am open to receive healing from my Father God and His son, Lord Jesus Christ.”

You are Worthy to Receive



Jesus would like to write to all of you about blessings. These words come from Him directly:

“It is your right and God’s will for you to be blessed. There is nothing blocking you from this but yourself and your beliefs. It is time to move in the body of Christ as a true Child of God and receive the blessings that are due to you. It is time to clean out the old, remove the blocks of fear, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness and anything else that may be keeping a shadow over your life. Open up to receive now. I came to your world so that you could have the blessings the Father wishes you to have. His only disappointment is that so many of you are unable to receive all that He offers because you feel unworthy. It is time to know that YOU ARE WORTHY. I cannot repeat that enough. You are worthy not because what you have done or not done but because of WHO YOU ARE. Open yourself to receive His blessings and unconditional love now.”

These words came in strong and very clear. This is God’s will for you now. Be open to receive it.

Prayer to Receive-

Dear Father, I have been a lost child. I have been struggling, not fully understanding who I am in You. Today, I am open to receive all that You have to offer me. Today I am open to change. Today, I am open to let go of the past and anything keeping me from the blessings you have placed on my life. Please guide me in this effort for I wish to make this change now. 

Thank You God. Amen