Keep Your Thoughts in Heaven



Tonight I was praying and I asked Jesus to help me control my diet. I feel like I have been eating a bit away from what I’d like but He quickly said, “Your diet is fine. What you need to work on are your thoughts.”

When He says things like this it catches me completely off guard. You see there is still a part of me that is in disbelief sometimes of my conversations and the other supernatural things that have occurred. But, when He speaks like this and His answer is totally unexpected (and true!) I am always blown away. Usually the realization of the realness of Him will make me start laughing. I think that’s because there is a part of me that is so relieved! Tonight He told me that He wants my thoughts to be in Heaven. In fact He invited me to live in Heaven with Him. When He said that, I asked if that meant I would die but He said, “No, it means I want you to keep your thoughts and mind in Heaven with me.”

It is so easy to get stuck in the world and all it’s problems. Today even on a Christian radio station they were talking about potential terror attacks. The truth is, if everyone just kept their mind in Heaven, there would be no crime, war or evil.

I am going to work on this now. I can’t say I will be successful but it is definitely a good daily goal.

Tonight Jesus also healed me again. I have been run down with a cold the past week and tonight He just took it away. I feel great. This is the prayer He told me to share with you.

For healing say repeatedly, “I am open to receive healing from my Father God and His son, Lord Jesus Christ.”

Say this over and over until you feel the angels come down with the healing. It feels like golden power and love. ❤

Healing Prayer-

“I am open to receive healing from my Father God and His son, Lord Jesus Christ.”

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