Invite Jesus into Your Life



Tonight, I asked for Jesus to be with me and I immediately felt Him come behind me and wrap His arms around me. I wish I could explain what this feels like. All I can say is that it’s the feeling of someone being there, as real as in the physical. When Jesus touches me, I feel the touch in my spirit body and therefore it translates to my physical body. I also see Him so it’s as real as having another person right there.

Tonight I had a candle going and He told me to look into the flame. He then said, “I am the light.” Sometimes a thought will hit me deeply and tonight I thought how amazing it was that God is so real. He is there protecting us. He is there for us. All we have to do is ask.

Jesus told me tonight to write a post telling you that He wants to be in your life but in order for that to happen, you have to invite Him. Some people think that if they go to church and pray, Jesus will be in their lives. Of course that is better than nothing but Jesus wants you to know that He needs you to actually invite Him into your life for you have free will and He needs the invitation.

He wants this. Everything is changing quickly and it is time now. If you ask Him. He will be there.


Dear Jesus, I surrender myself to You now. Everything I do, everything I am, I give back to You. I want my will to be Your will. Please Jesus, come into my life and work through me. I invite You in. I give myself to You today as Your obedient servant and I ask for Your healing. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. 

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