Baptized by Jesus



Today has already started off on a great note. This morning I was lying in bed resting before I got up. I have been upset because I re-injured one of my knees at the gym. It was a knee that I really damaged two years ago skiing. It had healed after a process of stem cell injections (my own) and PRP (Platelet rich plasma- also my own) but it was a long and arduous process. Jesus has told me repeatedly that I did not re-injure it terribly- just aggravated it and it will be better in a week or so. But, just lying in bed with ice packs brought back the trauma of the original injury. Anyway I finished praying, Jesus was right in my face telling me everything was going to be fine. He is SOOOOO patient with me. He never gives up on me or gets angry. He is always incredibly loving and patient when I lose faith or fall into doubt.

Long story short, I began talking to Him about baptism. You see I was christened as a baby in an Episcopalian church but I have never had the full water baptism. I asked Jesus if I was was truly “born again” if I have never had a full water baptism? He then stood over me, took His hand and drew the sign of the cross on my forehead and said, “I baptize you.” I then felt as if waters from heaven were washing over me. I could see the waves and I felt a cleansing.

Pretty amazing. I am feeling very blessed right now. Today, I pass those blessings on to you in Jesus name!

Prayer for the day-

Father, thank you for blessing me and keeping me clean with Your Holy water. Thank you for washing me daily from my sins with Your everlasting forgiveness. Thank you for keeping me safe and strong and healthy. I love you so. Amen

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