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Jesus and the Angels at church


Angel of God


I have been going to different churches trying to find someplace that felt right for me. Because of childhood consisted of denominational worship services, I really love the ritual, the candles, the incense etc. Today I went to St. Peter’s Anglican Church. They have built a huge facility that resembles Notre Dame. While I missed the down to earth preaching about Jesus, I enjoyed the service, especially communion.

My vision into the spirit realm has continued to grow stronger and stronger and today midway through the service I noticed two huge angels standing facing each other on each side of the altar. They were huge. 20-30 ft tall at least. Then later I saw angels lining the row of pews. They weren’t as large as the ones at the altar but beautiful and majestic.

Then at the blessing of the communion, Jesus appeared behind the altar with His arms outstretched. He was blessing the communion as well. He was huge too. Three times the size of a regular man.

The crazy thing is that during the service He was also with me. When I asked Him how He could be at the altar and also with me He said,”I am in all places at all times.”

At one point earlier in the service when one of the priests was giving an address, I said to Him, “Honestly Jesus, this is kind of boring.” He told me to pay attention and listen, that there was a message in it for me.”

The message was about being like Solomon and approaching God like a child. That hit home hard. I had a vision yesterday of my 5-year-old self-sitting on God’s lap.

I feel very renewed and blessed after the service. Jesus is so wise and forgiving. Even in my arrogance, He loves me anyway. ❤️

A Visit to God: REVELATION


Today was quite a surprise. Jesus took me up to see the throne room and chat with God. I can’t believe how much God loves me. I was stunned. He loves us all. We are truly His children. He said He wanted to tell me something. Then He said as if whispering into my ear, “There’s nothing wrong with you.”


Revelation! It was like a lightning bolt hitting me from all sides. In God’s eye’s I am perfect. Then I realized how this world is full of lies. We are taught at a young age all the things that are wrong with us by our parents, our friends, our schools, even our churches. We grow up to believe we are flawed. WE ARE NOT FLAWED. It is society, hand in hand, with the enemy that makes us believe that.

So rejoice today because THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. FREE YOURSELF FROM THAT LIE. And, as the mind thinks, the body follows. So healing is yours.

Worship instead of Worry



Today while meditating and praying in tongues, I felt Jesus right behind me, His hands on my shoulders. He said, “I am healing you now.” I then felt myself moving upward and then I felt like I was kneeling before God. A big booming voice came out and said, “Do you want to get over illness?” I replied, “Yes I do”. Then He said, “Then ignore your body and focus more on Me.”

This was profound and well heard because I do focus too much on my body. I always have. It started years ago when I was a teen. I am now going to make an effort to shift my focus more often and worship instead of worry. 🙂 Praise GOD!!!

Jesus tells me a story


I went for a walk tonight and Jesus joined me. I asked Him if He had wanted me to read more of the Bible today? I was feeling bad that I didn’t read as much as I had planned. God told me to read it through from beginning to end- by the end of the summer- even if it is a modified version. I have been working on this. But then Jesus asked me if He could tell me a story.

He said, “There once were two God-loving men. One man worshiped God with his head. The other man worshipped God with his heart. The man that worshiped with his head read the bible all day long. He knew every chapter, every verse. The man who worshiped with his heart barely knew how to read but he lived to serve his fellow man, working day in and day out helping others in need. When the two men died and went to heaven, God asked them which of them they thought was more deserving to enter the Kingdom? The man who worshiped with his head said he thought he was, of course, for he knew God’s holy word by memory. Surprisingly, the other man agreed. He had always been ashamed that he barely knew how to read or write. God then asked the man of the bible how many people had benefitted from his study. He thought very hard and then looked down. “None”, he shyly admitted. Then God asked the man with the big heart how many people had benefitted from his hard work and service. He raised up his face to God and it began to shine. He replied, “I don’t think I can count them all.” A huge smile then spread across his face as he realized his value in God’s plan. The pearly gates then opened to both of them because each was credible in his story, however, God took the man with the big heart and kissed him when he walked by and said, “Thank you for your service for it is My way.”

I guess the moral of the story if that while reading and studying the Bible and God’s word has its merit, it is just as important or even MORE important to serve others like Jesus did.

I feel better after hearing this. 🙂

The Bible, the body and the spirit


Jesus has been guiding me to read the Bible. I have a few different versions of it and my plan is to read it through. Today, I was reading part of the New Testament and the crucifixion. For some reason, I got very sad.

It’s amazing to me the sacrifice that Jesus went through. By the grace of God, we are saved by Him. I don’t know if I ever thought about this very deeply.

Today, Jesus told me that the body is not very important. It is the Spirit that I need to start to focus on. Being sick for two years. I have a huge repertoire of books on healing etc. I realize that they should now be replaced with books about God.

I felt a deep spirit of gratitude settle upon me today. Everything is making sense to me. I’m feeling quite blessed.