Jesus and the Angels at church


Angel of God


I have been going to different churches trying to find someplace that felt right for me. Because of childhood consisted of denominational worship services, I really love the ritual, the candles, the incense etc. Today I went to St. Peter’s Anglican Church. They have built a huge facility that resembles Notre Dame. While I missed the down to earth preaching about Jesus, I enjoyed the service, especially communion.

My vision into the spirit realm has continued to grow stronger and stronger and today midway through the service I noticed two huge angels standing facing each other on each side of the altar. They were huge. 20-30 ft tall at least. Then later I saw angels lining the row of pews. They weren’t as large as the ones at the altar but beautiful and majestic.

Then at the blessing of the communion, Jesus appeared behind the altar with His arms outstretched. He was blessing the communion as well. He was huge too. Three times the size of a regular man.

The crazy thing is that during the service He was also with me. When I asked Him how He could be at the altar and also with me He said,”I am in all places at all times.”

At one point earlier in the service when one of the priests was giving an address, I said to Him, “Honestly Jesus, this is kind of boring.” He told me to pay attention and listen, that there was a message in it for me.”

The message was about being like Solomon and approaching God like a child. That hit home hard. I had a vision yesterday of my 5-year-old self-sitting on God’s lap.

I feel very renewed and blessed after the service. Jesus is so wise and forgiving. Even in my arrogance, He loves me anyway. ❤️

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