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You must Believe to Receive!


I got a word from Jesus tonight. He told me that in order for God to do good in your life, you must believe it can happen. God gave us free will and therefore we can block the blessings. This is better explained by Him directly so this is from Him to you:

“There are times in your life when things will look bad. Possibly so bad that you cannot see it turning around for the better. You must understand that this is the enemy’s game. He wants to suck the life out if you- take away any hope for success. You must not allow him to do so. He is the only thing that stands in the way of your restoration. I repeat, the ONLY thing. Therefore when things looks bad, you must declare success for yourself and then stand in faith and allow the Father to do His Good Work. God is good, only good- it is His nature and all He wants for you in your life. Stand in faith and allow Him to repair and restore. The only thing that can stop Him and His goodness and desire to bless you is lack of faith and belief. Negative thoughts and ideas block His blessing. You must believe to receive.

Can you imagine how good your life would be if you only knew positive thoughts? You would be back in the Garden of Eden. Maybe you might stumble and skin your knee but you would know without any doubt or fear, that it would be repaired by your Father. God repairs. That’s what He does. Know this to be true. There is too much suffering due to the fact that this idea is taught incorrectly. God fixes everything that is broken. He can’t help Himself, He loves you that much. That is why He sent me. So cast out the disbelief and allow God to work well in your life like He chooses to do.”


Omg, Omg, Omg! It’s all so real!!!



After seeing Todd White and the others I decided I was going all in. That means I am stepping out and praying for people publicly. This is a HUGE step for me. Today I was having a challenging day and so I decided I would go pray for people. I went to Hobby Lobby because I know it is Christian based so I felt “safer” there (lol). Before I got out of the car, I asked God to give me a word of knowledge as to who to pray for. Right then I heard a voice that said, “You will see a woman in a red dress. She needs prayer.” I got out and then almost fell over. There was a woman standing outside of Hobby Lobby with a long, red, Salvation army apron ringing a bell for donations. She also had on a red shirt. I thought she was the one but then I thought about it too much and said to myself, “Well that’s not a dress so let me at least go inside and see if someone else is there with a red dress on.” I then went in and found no one else. I even asked two people who had on red shirts if they needed prayer and they accepted it but they were not really in need.

I then knew it was the woman outside. Her outfit looked just like a dress. So I went out there and asked her if she needed prayer for anything because God had told me she did. She said, “yes, that she had a health issue.” She didn’t tell me what it was but I got the feeling that it was pelvic and personal so I prayed with her. I then received a word that she was going to be totally fine and I shared that with her as well. She thanked me profusely and said that this had made her day.

I then went to Walmart. God gave me the word “knee”. I told him to point it out for me but He said it would be obvious. I then saw a Walmart worker pushing a cart and limping. I stopped her and asked her if something was wrong with her leg. She said she had an issue with her knee and foot. I told her that God wanted to heal her. I prayed and then she told me that her mother had passed recently. I saw her mother with Jesus and told her that. She said she knew it but was in tears. Then I got a word that her hips were messed up and she said yes and her back as well. I prayed for her spine to straighten up and it did!!!!! Then I prayed for her hips. There was no place for her to sit down so I couldn’t pray for her legs to be evened out. I am pretty sure that one leg was shorter than the other. She was so happy!!! She told me that this was the best thing that had happened to her and she thanked me profusely. She said she was close to the Lord. I told her how much God loved her.

Both of these events were amazing!! I think I have still been doubting if all this was real. Wondering if somehow I was just making it all up but it is REAL. OMG OMG OMG!!!! God loves you!!! Receive His love now!


Healing and Time



I am at a Power and Love conference with Todd White and others and today I heard that there is no concept of time in heaven. I knew this because I had a revelation about timelessness in prayer once, however tonight I received a new revelation about time and healing.

I asked Jesus about healing. Some people receive instantaneous miraculous healing and others are prayed for and their healing manifests more slowly over time. In August, Jesus came into my room, whispered in my right ear and then tapped my right shoulder twice while saying, “Be healed”. This was a truly supernatural experience. Afterwards I felt life force energy coming in to my body and I jumped up and felt totally healthy. This lasted for two days and then I felt things sliding. I asked Jesus about this and He had told me that He healed me in all ways. He also told me to be patient. There have been other instances of God and the angels healing me as well, but after a few months, while overall much better, I am still not healed totally yet. I got very discouraged today when some people received miracle healings and I am still having issues and having to follow a very strict diet. (I broke the diet that Jesus told me to follow today and my symptoms went nuts. So much for the repercussion of disobedience!!!!) So tonight I asked Jesus to explain it to me. He said,

“There is no time in heaven therefore from our perspective, there is no time in your world either. So, no time has passed since I spoke those words over you but you are impatient. Your healing is manifesting slowly in your eyes however, in mine. it is all working perfectly. You should know my plan for you. It is truly great. Stay calm and you will see the results you wish for in all things.”

So, I think I get it. Timelessness means that everything is happening in the moment right now. Therefore your healing may appear that it is taking days or weeks or months or years but in God’s eyes, it is in perfect time.

The bible speaks about things taking sometimes many, many years for God’s promises to manifest however, in God’s eye, it was immediate. We need to remember that when will feel impatient about anything. Instead stand in faith and know it is coming.


Dear Lord, How I thankYou for Your continued Grace. I believe that You know what You are doing! I praise You for all of the goodness you have planned for me. Thank you for making me more patient. I trust in You. Amen. 

A Vision to Contemplate



Jesus gave me a vision yesterday which I am still thinking about. He asked me to walk with Him in the spirit realm as He has done many times before. This time though, we passed a graveyard. He then said, “This is for those who have unbelief.” Then we passed a small square house and He said something like, “This is for those who claim to be Christian.” Then we passed a huge mansion and He said, “This is for those who truly believe and have faith.”

This really hit me for some reason. If life, what we believe is directly related to what we receive. I will continue to meditate on this today. God bless you all.


Holy Father, How I thank you for teaching me the things I need to know in order to receive Your Glory. I thank You for giving me the instruction I need daily to succeed. I thank You for increasing my faith in You, Your miracles and Your way. Amen.

Word of Knowledge for a reader-

There is one of you whom has recently discovered something about a loved one that was very upsetting. Your faith and trust in this person has been broken. Please know that the situation is not as horrible as you first thought. The details have been skewed. While your heart has been hurt, please be open to a new beginning with this person for there is still much happiness the two of you can find together. 

Word of Knowledge


Here is a word of knowledge for someone reading today:

There is trouble in your life, in particular one person you have been dealing with. That person will back down. Stand in faith and confidence and you will see your desire of peace come forth. If you would like to discover the root cause of the situation. it will be offered to you in prayer and meditation. There is much harm that has come your way, however, please know that the bad times are coming to an end and the skies are opening now with great blessings on your life. The little one you worry about will recover as well. Many blessings on you now. – Jesus

Visitation of Angels


I’m not sure what just happened. I finished my morning prayer and communion and at the end I prayed. I was told to stand up which I did. I felt angels around me and then I saw a huge angel before me. It made tears come to my eyes and once more I repented for my sins even though I know I have been forgiven. You cannot stand before total truth and love without all impurities coming out.

God then asked me what I wanted but this time He asked for myself. I said healing of my body, my family and finances. He then asked what I would like for others and I said healing of others who are in need and and even healing for the whole world. I told Him how the world was such a mess with so much suffering. He knows this of course so I don’t know why I told Him that. There was once again a feeling of elevation as if I was rising up inside myself and then I could see the hands of angels doing things to my body. Then I felt like a waterfall of golden light came cascading down over the top of my head to my feet. It was flowing over me and through me. Brilliant feeling.

I am totally sure that my body is being restored totally and completely. Zero doubts now. I have already gotten so much better but I am so ready for complete health and balance now.

If you are sick, you are out of balance with God because in God there is no disease. If you take a look at your life you have probably suffered trauma and injury, heartbreak, disappointment etc. This is Satan’s game and what brings on illness. Some may ask why then does a baby or child get sick? The answer there is that sometimes there are generational curses that get carried from generation to generation. These generational curses must be broken.

Get right with God totally and completely and He will heal you. That’s His promise. That is why He sent Jesus.


Obedience to God



Jesus would like for me to write today about the importance of obedience to God. Actually, He wants to write it so here you go:

From Jesus-

There are many times when obedience to God will be misinterpreted or misunderstood. This is because most people do not truly understand what obedience to God means. I would like to explain it to you all. 

To be truly obedient does not require perfection of behavior. Your Father knows how prevalent sin is in your world. He does not expect you to live a completely sinless life. That would be truly difficult for most of you. What he does want is for you to listen to His Word as best as you can. If you are connected to the Holy Spirit, then you will have the ability to simply ask God what He wants for you and receive His answer. Obedience would mean that you listen and do what He says. The reason obedience is so important is because your Father knows what is best for you. He knows your whole life and what you struggle with and what you desire. His words and guidance will bring you closer to the life you truly want. When you are obedient to God it makes Him happy because He then knows that you are on the best path that your life can take and He wants the best for you. That is how strong His love is.

If you have not been baptized by the Holy Spirit then you may not have the ability to receive words directly for the Father. Obedience would then mean that you follow your inner conscience and the Holy Word of the bible- again to your best ability. Your inner conscience is the voice of your soul which is the closest thing you can get to the voice of the Father. 

I hope this clears up this for some of you. There is much confusion around this topic and Satan likes confusion, guilt, doubt, and fear. To fight this enemy, be clear, be forgiving and be accepting of others and their faults. Avoid judging others for while what they do may seem forbidden or wrong, the judgment is for the Father, not for you. 

I would like to bless all of the readers of this site for it is written in obedience and therefore there are many blessings in each word. Be blessed dear children and now that you are loved.” – Jesus

That was a great message for me to hear and I hope there are others who can benefit from it as well.

Today’s Healing



Tonight before taking communion, I was kneeling before my altar praying and thanking God for all He has given me. I told him that I was sorry for the mistakes I have made etc. When I was done, Jesus said something like, “Open your ears and hear the voice of the Father.” Then I was told to stand up. When I stood up, I heard the deeper voice of God and He asked, “What is the healing you desire?” I answered, healing for every single cell of my body and that my feet and knees etc. be restored. As soon as I said that I felt a golden tingling settling down throughout my whole body. It’s like it was a brilliant life force filling me up but it tingled and was slightly warm. I was told to lie down on my bed and I did. The healing continued for about 5-10 minutes. I then got up and I am feeling really good. I am so excited and grateful about what God is doing in my life and I really want to help others to know how real this stuff is. I am expecting a full recovery soon. I know it is coming. All systems healed, knees replaced etc. I am so excited and I feel so much love.


It’s all about LOVE, LOVE , LOVE.



Jesus has continued to be with me daily. There has continued to be much healing and teaching. I was instructed to do a version of the Daniel Fast which I am doing. This is really helping my body. I have been praying and taking communion daily and continuing to read the Kynan Bridges “90 Days to Possess Your Healing.” The biggest message from Jesus though is about Love. He recently led me to Todd White. If you don’t know who Todd is then look him up. Such an amazing embodiment of God. Miracles work through him daily and when you see him speak, you know he is the real deal. Todd talks quite a bit about Love- specifically, how much God loves us. I have been praying to be able to feel this dynamic love and it is coming.

What blocks us from love? Nothing but our own mind. For so much, if us, we believe that we do not deserve God’s true love, that we are unlovable. Due to our childhood circumstances, or words that were said by our parents, teachers or friends, we feel we are flawed. WE ARE NOT FLAWED. WE ARE SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

God does not expect perfection because God knows how strong the influence of Satan is. God does expect us to repent for our sins, however,  because that is why He sent Jesus in the first place.

I highly suggest you begin to pray daily to receive God’s true love. That is what He wants. He told me that Himself. He wants us to know how much we are loved.

In Jesus’ name cast out the demons that block you from God’s love. They are trying to take you down. Refuse them. Command them to go. They have no place in you. You are a Divine Child of God. You are loved.