You must Believe to Receive!


I got a word from Jesus tonight. He told me that in order for God to do good in your life, you must believe it can happen. God gave us free will and therefore we can block the blessings. This is better explained by Him directly so this is from Him to you:

“There are times in your life when things will look bad. Possibly so bad that you cannot see it turning around for the better. You must understand that this is the enemy’s game. He wants to suck the life out if you- take away any hope for success. You must not allow him to do so. He is the only thing that stands in the way of your restoration. I repeat, the ONLY thing. Therefore when things looks bad, you must declare success for yourself and then stand in faith and allow the Father to do His Good Work. God is good, only good- it is His nature and all He wants for you in your life. Stand in faith and allow Him to repair and restore. The only thing that can stop Him and His goodness and desire to bless you is lack of faith and belief. Negative thoughts and ideas block His blessing. You must believe to receive.

Can you imagine how good your life would be if you only knew positive thoughts? You would be back in the Garden of Eden. Maybe you might stumble and skin your knee but you would know without any doubt or fear, that it would be repaired by your Father. God repairs. That’s what He does. Know this to be true. There is too much suffering due to the fact that this idea is taught incorrectly. God fixes everything that is broken. He can’t help Himself, He loves you that much. That is why He sent me. So cast out the disbelief and allow God to work well in your life like He chooses to do.”


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