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I am getting a lesson in authority. Jesus just told me that we are like sheriffs of heaven and we wear a badge given to us by Him. It’s as if we are a part of Heaven’s police force and with His name, we are supposed to command the enemy and dark forces away. He has appointed us to do that. It is not our right or privilege, it is our duty.

So get your sheriff’s badge on and command all evils in your life to go. That means sickness, poverty, depression etc. etc.

A simple prayer you can use is “In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of ____________ to leave me (my house, my child etc) now!” I also like to use “with the name of Jesus” because the name itself is like a mighty weapon that I am using.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who has been confused about this in any way, 🙂

Revelation by the Father



(I posted this entry as a page, not a post, by accident so the date is incorrect. It was actually written on Friday July 10, 2015)

I woke up this and was praying. Last night in the supernatural class I attend there was a discussion about the different relationships between the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. I have mostly had a relationship with Jesus so this morning I really prayed to have the Holy Spirit come in. It did because I felt it and within a few moments I was in great peace. We had also been speaking about deliverance in the simple form of just not agreeing with the negative. The Holy Spirit revealed that I should pray “I disagree with anything that is not of Love or Light.” I also then prayed, “I disagree with anything that is not of Father God.” I felt things begin to move inside me. Emotion began flowing and the next thing I remember I was really sobbing. Then I felt a beam of brilliant light open up above me and it was the Father. He spoke to me and revealed how much He loved me and that I was truly His beloved child. I felt such a connection with Him. It was the first time this has ever happened. I really felt like I was from Him and that He was my “DAD”. Tremendous light poured down from Him over me and it was the most incredible thing. Then He revealed why people get lost in new age things and in religion. What He said was that He created the Universe and He also created the Universal Laws. Some people have misunderstood the universe and the universal laws to be Him. They are not. These people are have totally missed the point and forgetting the One who created them. They are basically worshipping the wrong. thing. If you are not a worshipping God the Father of your soul then you are truly “missing the boat.” I’m not sure how else to put it. Most people that read this blog do not fall into that category but I am sure you know people that are. Spread this word and help them to see their mistake. God wants us all to know that He is the One to be worshipped. He is the creator. He is real and He is not just a huge energy like the sun. He is not the universe. He is a true Father and you are His true child. He is pure love and He is light but He is a BEING. Let all this sink in now on a deeper level.