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The Supernatural Experience of Heaven.


I guess that when God showed me the gates of Heaven that He kept them open for me. I am finding myself moving up there from time to time- mostly when it is unexpected. Today was one of those days as I was horseback riding in the countryside. The vision is getting clearer too. More details, more colors. Today I saw a few angels. I wish I could describe how beautiful the angels are. They are truly magnificent. And they are all different. No two are exactly the same as far as I have seen. They all have different robes and outfits. And, their faces are so perfect- like perfectly painted china dolls. I have only seen glimpses of the faces but they look like you and I. I know the Kat Kerr travels there from time to time and my experiences are not nearly as elaborate as she has seen but I am getting there. I do feel very blessed though to have been given this opportunity.

Merry Christmas to all. Happy Birthday Dear Jesus. You are the love of my life.


Christmas Eve Blessing from Jesus



Tonight while cleaning, Jesus told me He would like to write on the page. This is what He said:

“It would be my wish on this Eve that all those who come to read this page are blessed with much prosperity in the new year. There are many who are struggling financially and I place a special blessing on them to receive what God has planned for them in the next 12 months. In particular, there is a woman who has been struggling to make her mortgage payment and I make a special provision now that this circumstance will be relieved.

As well there is another young girl who has just found out some unfortunate news and I say that this situation will be resolved totally and completely- if you will maintain your faith.

For all others who are struggling please take the extra step to renew your vows to Me for I am the Redeemer and the Savior. There are some who forget this and look to solve their problems on their own. That is not necessary for I have the answers to all situations and circumstances. All you must do is ask. I am asking you to ask now. Ask of Me your needs and they will be received.”

Hallelujah! Christ is born! Thank you God for Your Son!!!! Merry Christmas to all!

Words From Jesus


jesusloveI received this from Jesus tonight-

“There are a few of you who are still doubting my existence. This time of year I am in the focus as it is My birthday. For many however, it is only a time of year to celebrate gift giving and family times. I would like for you to understand that there are many reasons to be skeptical of My Being. In fact there is a whole religion (Judaism) that is in unbelief that I am the true Messiah. I am here to set this record straight and tell you that I am. There is none other before Me or after Me. I am the beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. The infinite loop of all existence. I am THE WAY. For some this is hard to accept. They have been conditioned by religion to be skeptical that our Father is a loving one. I will tell you that He is. He is not the punishing creature that some would think Him to be. He does not “damn people to hell’ or “light them on fire”. He is truly the Creator and the King and He knows only to love you. If you would have Him as a punishing God then your world would already be much different. There would have been another great flood as in Noah’s time. There would have been many more plagues and famines. Your God is your father and He truly loves you and wants what is best for you.

I would like to discuss the idea that “all things happen for a reason.” This is a common phrase and belief. Let me tell you how things really work. The Father has given you free will and therefore you are in control of your destiny to a certain degree. However, in the end, the Father has the final say about your life and He will step in if need be. He will not alter your free choice but He may gently nudge you in the right direction. He has angels that help to guide you. The angels always do His will. So to say “things happen for a reason” is true to some extent as all choices have a thought behind them. But to say that “all things happen for a reason” and assume that God is behind every one of them is false. Too many people believe that the Father is behind the negatives that happen in life. That there is “a reason” behind the sickness or lost job. It is true that in the end, God uses all things to your benefit but He does not create them for “lessons” or “punishment”. Satan is a very real force in your world and you need to remember to keep yourself clear away from him. Do not fall into the lies that he cannot be stopped. He can. Its all up to you and your choices.

When I came into your world, I gave you authority. I gave you authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. By using My Name, you can do this. You need to believe though and understand the power behind My Word. This can be found in many places in the bible. It would please me if more people understood the truth behind the healing. God does not want anyone sick and therefore He sent me. You are forgiven and sickness has no place in My Kingdom.  For those of you who are still struggling with illness, I would ask you to continue to thank the Father, pray daily and stand in faith that health will indeed return. In some cases, illness may set in later on in life as the body decays. There is still healing for those in this circumstance but in a three-dimensional world, there is a Law of Nature and all things that are born in the physical will decay and die. It is called the aging process and it is seen in anything that is alive such as plants, animals and human beings. There should be no terrible suffering though. When pain is too great then that is the devil doing his job.

If you would unite with Me and hold My hand, I will guide you through all obstacles and barriers. I will carry you through all sickness back to health. I will provide all of your needs. If you would depend on me like a young child then I will be the supportive parent that steps in to save the day. If you would talk to Me then I will answer your prayers. If you would believe then I will fulfill. I am the Master, the Fulfiller, the Determiner of Grace. Seek not what is onto Me but that which is of Me. All believers must unite in Love now. The time has drawn near to fulfill the destiny of the Body of Christ. You carry my Word as Your swords and nothing shall take you down. This is the beginning of the end. All things must change as that is the Will of the Father. I am proud of the ones who listen to these words now as I have great plans in store for you. Unite Dear Children, Unite.”

Another glimpse of Heaven



God just showed me another glimpse of Heaven. I was standing in my kitchen cutting up vegetables, listening to some beautiful music by a woman named Julie True. Suddenly I had a clear view of the gates of Heaven. At least I think they were the gates of the entrance but I guess I can’t be sure. They were golden and amazing. So tall and beautiful. I am realizing now that God is showing me these things because He wants everyone to really understand how real this is. Heaven is real and this world is just a fleeting experience. There is nothing that is truly important in this world other than treating people well and spreading God’s love. Nothing else really matters- especially material things. This world is temporary and Heaven is eternal. It’s time to start living for Heaven.

From what I have seen, Heaven is the most beautiful place you could imagine. In fact- it is so beautiful, you really can’t imagine it because you have never seen anything like it. It’s not only the visual beauty but the smells and sounds. Angels are singing everywhere and the smell is of fresh flowers like jasmine, honeysuckle, and gardenia. There is only light- no darkness. There is only happiness- no sadness or pain. Our God is so good- He wants us to have what He has. To live as He lives. I can’t stress it enough- nothing in this world means anything other than LOVE, KINDNESS, CARING, BROTHERHOOD, SHARING, PEACE, JOY, HAPPINESS. We truly are brothers and sisters. God loves us. You are loved. So rejoice. Forget about the bills that need to be paid or the fight you just had with your spouse. Today is a new day. Heaven is real. God loves you SO MUCH. Lay down your swords and hug your neighbor. Go out and do something nice for someone. Forget about your worries. Enjoy the minutes here on earth that you have left. Use your time wisely and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and HUG, HUG, HUG because everything is going to be okay. In fact, it already is okay when you gain the right perspective. Many blessings to you all on they HOLY NIGHT. Amen.


Angel Encounter



I have been on a strict version of the Daniel Fast, as directed by Jesus, for about 11 days. I’m doing it for 3 weeks total. I’m eating 70-80 vegetables and 20-30% grain, legumes or nuts. No animal products except butter. No coffee, sugar, alcohol etc.

I’m pretty tired but it has been really great for prayer. Lately, I have been hearing the voice of God and I’ve had encounters with angels twice. Today was a major encounter but I can’t write too many details. Jesus told me to keep it to myself.

I will say that this was more close up than I have ever seen before and the angel was feminine looking and incredibly beautiful. Angels must be the most beautiful beings in the universe. The night I heard the singing of the Choir of Angels, I could barely believe the layers of beautiful harmonies and voices.

This angel was amazing and I could see it’s (her?) face slightly.

There was also lots if color which for me is unusual. Normally when I see angels, they are mostly white but this one has golden wings and I believe a pale blue and red gown.

I can’t reveal the message but afterward, I was on my knees in tears praising and thanking God.

God wants to bless you. He so desperately wants to give you the world. Just like a good father who wants to buy all the nice toys for their kid- that’s what God wants to do for you. Praise Him daily, thank Him and become receptive to receive!!


Another Revelation about Healing


HealedJesus gave me another incredible revelation that was confirmed this morning. He is so amazing!!!

I was praying and meditating for about 1.5 hours this morning and afterward, Jesus came to me and said, “I want you to listen to these words. Come, walk with me,” He then showed me a group of beautiful trees and said, “Do you see these trees? They grow tall towards the sky.” Then He showed me green grass and He said, “Do you see this grass? It grows thick and abundant with life.” Then He showed me some beautiful flowers and He said, “Do you see these flowers, they grow in their beauty towards the sun. God takes care of all of them. They are His children and He provides what they need to survive. God provides this way for you as well. When you ask for something from the Father, it is given. Therefore, when someone prays over you for healing, it is given. The night I came to you and healed you, your healing was finished. When I said I have healed you in all ways, I meant it. In the supernatural or spiritual realm, it is complete. You are healed. All you have to do now is believe and wait for it to manifest.”

When this session was over, I was looking at my email and in my inbox, the was the daily prayer I get from Joel Osteen. IT said this-

The Time Has Already Been Set

“My times are in your hands…”
(Psalm 31:15, NIV)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria:
In life, oftentimes we are waiting for something; waiting for a dream to come to pass, waiting to meet the right person, waiting for a problem to turn around. When things aren’t happening as fast as we would like, it’s easy to get frustrated. But you have to realize, the moment you prayed, God established a set time to bring the promise to pass.

God has a set time for your opportunity. There is a set time for that problem to turn around, a set time for your healing, your promotion, your breakthrough. It may be tomorrow, next week or five years from now, but when you understand the time has already been set, it takes all the pressure off. You won’t live worried, wondering when this is ever going to happen. You’ll relax and enjoy your life knowing that the promise has already been scheduled, and your answer is on the way!

Hallelujah! This is pretty much what Jesus just told me! I feel like this is a very strong message today everybody. So if you have been praying for healing without results, know that they are coming. Stand in faith!!!!


Knowing Nothing


EmilysQuotes.Com-truth-wisdom-intelligent-Socrates-knowledge-300x210This is the message from Jesus tonight for this blog:

“If you can’t figure out the answer then you must begin to realize that you don’t know everything. In fact, you know very little.

As human beings, you are always in a place of darkness because it is impossible to know for sure what is coming next. This causes much stress and anxiety for many because “unknowing” is a feeling of being out of control. The truth is, you are lacking control all the time. You don’t know very much of anything in the bigger picture and therefore the only safe and logical thing to do is pray, believe and stand strong in faith that God knows what He is doing.

This is why faith is mentioned over and over again in the bible. Almost every story has a message of faith blended into it. That’s because it is the crux of how to live your life. It is truly the only way.

Without faith, all that exists is fear. And that is where the enemy wants you because when you are in fear, he is in control. Fear is his dominion. So as each day comes to pass, live it with faith that your Father is going to take care of you. This is a fact. He will take care of you if you let Him. He will take care of all your needs but you must believe and know it. Once fear sets in, you are lost.

The enemy carries a knife and he would like to use it to cut you off from everything that allows you to live in faith and love. He would like for you to be blinded in fear, wondering aimlessly around without any confidence in God. The enemy would like to gather more for his army. Not because he really thinks he can win but because at least he is then making a stand against God. The enemy is ruthless and selfish and he cares only about himself. His only desire to steal as many souls from the Father as he can. But even then, he can’t win because I came to your world so that you could be set free. This made the enemy very angry but he will not give up.

Next time you lose confidence in the Father or in yourself, take a deep breath and know that’s where the enemy wants you. Therefore refuse to give in and instead, proclaim yourself as a blessed and favored son or daughter of the only true Creator and know that your Father loves you so much and He will provide your every need.”