Angel Encounter



I have been on a strict version of the Daniel Fast, as directed by Jesus, for about 11 days. I’m doing it for 3 weeks total. I’m eating 70-80 vegetables and 20-30% grain, legumes or nuts. No animal products except butter. No coffee, sugar, alcohol etc.

I’m pretty tired but it has been really great for prayer. Lately, I have been hearing the voice of God and I’ve had encounters with angels twice. Today was a major encounter but I can’t write too many details. Jesus told me to keep it to myself.

I will say that this was more close up than I have ever seen before and the angel was feminine looking and incredibly beautiful. Angels must be the most beautiful beings in the universe. The night I heard the singing of the Choir of Angels, I could barely believe the layers of beautiful harmonies and voices.

This angel was amazing and I could see it’s (her?) face slightly.

There was also lots if color which for me is unusual. Normally when I see angels, they are mostly white but this one has golden wings and I believe a pale blue and red gown.

I can’t reveal the message but afterward, I was on my knees in tears praising and thanking God.

God wants to bless you. He so desperately wants to give you the world. Just like a good father who wants to buy all the nice toys for their kid- that’s what God wants to do for you. Praise Him daily, thank Him and become receptive to receive!!


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