Another glimpse of Heaven



God just showed me another glimpse of Heaven. I was standing in my kitchen cutting up vegetables, listening to some beautiful music by a woman named Julie True. Suddenly I had a clear view of the gates of Heaven. At least I think they were the gates of the entrance but I guess I can’t be sure. They were golden and amazing. So tall and beautiful. I am realizing now that God is showing me these things because He wants everyone to really understand how real this is. Heaven is real and this world is just a fleeting experience. There is nothing that is truly important in this world other than treating people well and spreading God’s love. Nothing else really matters- especially material things. This world is temporary and Heaven is eternal. It’s time to start living for Heaven.

From what I have seen, Heaven is the most beautiful place you could imagine. In fact- it is so beautiful, you really can’t imagine it because you have never seen anything like it. It’s not only the visual beauty but the smells and sounds. Angels are singing everywhere and the smell is of fresh flowers like jasmine, honeysuckle, and gardenia. There is only light- no darkness. There is only happiness- no sadness or pain. Our God is so good- He wants us to have what He has. To live as He lives. I can’t stress it enough- nothing in this world means anything other than LOVE, KINDNESS, CARING, BROTHERHOOD, SHARING, PEACE, JOY, HAPPINESS. We truly are brothers and sisters. God loves us. You are loved. So rejoice. Forget about the bills that need to be paid or the fight you just had with your spouse. Today is a new day. Heaven is real. God loves you SO MUCH. Lay down your swords and hug your neighbor. Go out and do something nice for someone. Forget about your worries. Enjoy the minutes here on earth that you have left. Use your time wisely and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and HUG, HUG, HUG because everything is going to be okay. In fact, it already is okay when you gain the right perspective. Many blessings to you all on they HOLY NIGHT. Amen.


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