Healing and Time



I am at a Power and Love conference with Todd White and others and today I heard that there is no concept of time in heaven. I knew this because I had a revelation about timelessness in prayer once, however tonight I received a new revelation about time and healing.

I asked Jesus about healing. Some people receive instantaneous miraculous healing and others are prayed for and their healing manifests more slowly over time. In August, Jesus came into my room, whispered in my right ear and then tapped my right shoulder twice while saying, “Be healed”. This was a truly supernatural experience. Afterwards I felt life force energy coming in to my body and I jumped up and felt totally healthy. This lasted for two days and then I felt things sliding. I asked Jesus about this and He had told me that He healed me in all ways. He also told me to be patient. There have been other instances of God and the angels healing me as well, but after a few months, while overall much better, I am still not healed totally yet. I got very discouraged today when some people received miracle healings and I am still having issues and having to follow a very strict diet. (I broke the diet that Jesus told me to follow today and my symptoms went nuts. So much for the repercussion of disobedience!!!!) So tonight I asked Jesus to explain it to me. He said,

“There is no time in heaven therefore from our perspective, there is no time in your world either. So, no time has passed since I spoke those words over you but you are impatient. Your healing is manifesting slowly in your eyes however, in mine. it is all working perfectly. You should know my plan for you. It is truly great. Stay calm and you will see the results you wish for in all things.”

So, I think I get it. Timelessness means that everything is happening in the moment right now. Therefore your healing may appear that it is taking days or weeks or months or years but in God’s eyes, it is in perfect time.

The bible speaks about things taking sometimes many, many years for God’s promises to manifest however, in God’s eye, it was immediate. We need to remember that when will feel impatient about anything. Instead stand in faith and know it is coming.


Dear Lord, How I thankYou for Your continued Grace. I believe that You know what You are doing! I praise You for all of the goodness you have planned for me. Thank you for making me more patient. I trust in You. Amen. 

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