Saving the Atheist




I work as a therapist. Today I had a regular day until my last client. She was an elderly woman in her early 70’s. While she was filling out the intake form, I went to use the restroom. Walking down the hall on my way back, Jesus popped in and started walking next to me. I was surprised because it was so unexpected. He said to me that my this client (the elderly woman) was a very special person and to take great care with her. I said I would do my best. I started the sessions with the regular intake and we started talking. It was funny because I was assuming she was a great Christian since Jesus has said she was so “special”. After some time, I asked her is she was spiritual or religious and she said, “No, I’m an atheist. I have been for years.” I was totally thrown back! An atheist! I have had atheists come into my office before and so it’s not like I have never seen this but Jesus had told me she was so special. This woman told me that she respected other people’s faith but that she saw things very scientific and black and white and therefore she did not believe in God. 

Tonight I asked Jesus what that was all about and He told me that I was to bring her to Him. Wow. Tall order! How to save an atheist??? I told Him that He would have to do that work because that was His territory, not mine. He laughed and told me not to worry, He would take care of it. 

I imagine by the end of her sessions some conversation will come up where we will talk about Jesus or Christianity. Jesus said she will need Him when she is ready to die. I will keep the blog posted on this! 😉

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