Look Into My Eyes





Jesus stood in front of me last night and said to look into His eyes. His eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen but I had never truly looked into them until last night. He stood so close to my face that I could see deep into them. There was the most love I have ever felt. It’s like heaven was is in His eyes. The joy, the profound love. We truly have no idea how much we are loved. I am beginning to realize how great that is. After I looked into His eyes, it was almost as if I was looking through His eyes because I began to see things so much brighter and in a loving way. Between this and my experience of viewing Heaven a few days ago, I can feel a deep change occurring within me. Almost as if the fear is leaving. God is great, God is good. Good is Love. If only we could truly understand how true these statements are. 



Dear Father, How I thank You for giving me all I need. I am blessed with the True Love you have for me. Please allow me to feel that Love daily. Please let that Love grow in my heart. Thank you Lord. Amen


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