Rise Up and See the Heaven That Awaits You.


This photo is similar in color to what I saw. Especially the golden white.


“Rise up and see the heaven that awaits you.”

These are the words I received after meditation and prayer this morning. I was at my knees at an altar I have in my bedroom and these words came to me. At first I didn’t know if God wanted me to stand up or just “rise up” in my mind. But before I could do anything, I began to see the most amazing sight. The most beautiful scene that was golden, flowing and graceful. Their were tall angels at either side of what looked like a road or walkway surrounded by flowers and trees. The feeling was amazing- so incredibly loving. There were no bad feelings. Of course, evil is not allowed there. And so the place was incredibly safe, warm, inviting, supportive, nurturing and blissful. All I saw was golden and white with little hints of pastel colors. It was more beautiful than I could imagine Heaven to be. There were abundant flowers like roses and birds singing. It was the most incredible vision I have ever seen.

I was told that this is the Heaven that awaits me and everyone who believes. I was so in awe because there is no evil there. Can you imagine being in a place where there is no guilt, fear, sadness, hatred, loneliness….???? This is what awaits you when you die. This is Heaven- God’s Kingdom.

I don’t know why I was given this experience. It was totally unexpected. But, I have learned that when I least expect it, is usually when something like this happens. It was the same the night I heard the choir of angels.

The relief is that Heaven really is real. There is no death. And in Heaven, there is only love, peace, acceptance and joy.

God created this earth to be just like heaven. The terrain, the mountains, the flowers, the rivers etc. etc. But evil was not supposed to be here. We as man, influenced by Satan have ruined so much of this world.

I enjoyed my day just like it was a regular day but everything has changed for me just a little. I now really know where I am going. This is such a blessing.

Words received today from Jesus for the readers of this blog-

“Rise up Dear Child and see that you are loved. Rise up and see the God who created and adores you. You are not alone. You are with many brothers and sisters who share your heritage in the Divine Grace that awaits you. There is no Death but only Life- Life and love. So forgive your enemies and forgive yourselves for the Father wishes for you to only live in peace now. Lay down your swords and surrender to the love of the Father. His kingdom awaits you.”


Dear Father, Thank you for blessing me with Your Kingdom of Glory. Thank you for giving me the chance to love and obey You. Help me to forgive myself. Help me to forgive my brethren for I wish to start anew today living in Your Grace and Freedom. 

Thank You God. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

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