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A flaw of my personality is impatience. I want whatever it is now. When Jesus healed me about a month ago. (See post dated August 11, 2014) I think I expected the illness I have had for years to be gone overnight. I have seen healing miracles, where people’s backs are re-aligned and straightened up, headache pain is gone just like that etc. I have not seen anyone with a devastating chronic illness healed in one moment.

So last night after a totally symptom free, really good day, I started feeling some flaring up of discomfort so I asked Him when I would be totally healed? This is what He said- “Your body is recovering. You have been sick for many years. I have not just healed one part of you, I have healed you in ALL ways. Give your body a chance to catch up to the healing. It has only been a month.”

I think there is incredible wisdom is this. Could God heal every cell of my body and return it to perfect health in a instant? Of course. The thing is, it can be complicated because most likely if that happened, the illness would come back. People’s minds and emotions have a huge part of how the body reacts. In my case, I got very depressed and heartbroken and then illness set in. If God came in and healed the body without healing the root cause of the illness then the body would regress again.

In Joan Hunter’s books about healing, she speaks a lot about healing the root cause. So much of the time it is heartbreak and trauma. So in my case, the healing is going to be thorough and permanent but it did not happen in a second.

I think that this is such an important message for all those who want to be healed through prayer. If you go to a miracle healing service and you leave and still have symptoms, DO NOT LOSE FAITH. Believe and know that if you are prayed over then you will receive your healing. It may not be today or tomorrow. It may take a few years but YOU WILL RECEIVE IT.

I think this is the message Jesus really wants to give us. God has a plan for your soul and maybe the process of healing for you and how it occurs is part of it but KNOW YOU WILL BE HEALED.

When Jesus stood over me and anointed me to heal, He told me that He will heal anyone I pray for. It’s funny because my husband is Jewish and he is not a believer in Jesus but the other day his back was in terrible pain and I prayed over him. He was not instantly healed and he had no belief that he would be BUT, the next day I woke up and called the chiropractor who was not supposed to be at work that day and miraculously, he was. They were really busy coming off a holiday weekend but they worked my husband in and guess what, he was healed that day. Some might stay, “Well that was the chiropractor that did that.” I would say, sure it was the chiropractor but who was working through the chiropractor? Who allowed everything to flow so perfectly when all odds were against the chance they would? God did it.

If you have received prayer for illness and still have symptoms stay in faith. Do not give up. Believe that you will be healed eventually because you will.

Prayer for the day:

Dear God, Give me the faith and patience I need everyday to believe in You and You magnificent Grace. Allow me to understand my value in Your Divine Plan and know that You want me healed. Allow me to trust in You totally and completely.


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