Jesus teaches me about Satan and Healing



Two days ago I asked Jesus to teach me about Satan. I have been trying to figure out the miracles of healing and how Satan can wreck them. He told me that Satan lives within our minds as humans and that we cannot get away from him. He is the negative thought, hopelessness, depression, doubt and fear we experience. In God’s creation, we were created to be as God in every way but then with Adam, Eve and the apple…we fell prey to Satan. So in this world, we are under Satan’s dominion. He is everywhere we look and everywhere we are. Technology has made it even harder to stay clear because now it is so easy to get negative messages through tv, music and the internet. There is nothing we can do to get away from negative influence other than to renounce the power, pray, refuse to fall prey to the lies and stay in faith and love, remembering who you are in God. So if you have received healing, watch out because Satan will be right there to bring in the doubt. Rebuke it and stay in faith.

For anyone reading this today, I place a special blessing over you that it will be easier to understand and remember THE TRUTH of who you truly are.

YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF GOD who is LOVED AND CHERISHED.  Anything else is a LIE of Satan so discard the false belief’s and renounce it now. 🙂


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