Welcome, Holy Spirit



I have been remiss in blogging as so much as been going on. One of the coolest things is that I started attending a class in the Supernatural at the beginning of January. It is a class similar to the school at Bethel. It’s pretty awesome because finally, I am around people who understand and believe in what I have experienced so I can talk freely and also hear others speak of their encounters.

A homework assignment was to read Benny Hinn’s book about the Holy Spirit. It has opened my ears and eyes to Him. Now I have two (and sometimes 3 when God speaks!) voices in my head. OMG. I have been conversing with Jesus and I know that because I have seen Him when He was speaking to me. I guess this is not as common for some people, as usually, it is the Holy Spirit who speaks. But now the Holy Spirit is speaking to me as well and the voice is different although similar in content. I have also encountered the angels speaking and when they talk they use the term “We”. If I went to a psychologist and told them about this, they would think I was totally nuts. But, not too long ago the angels had mentioned that they wanted me to rest in the peace of the Dove. I did not really understand what they meant but the Holy Spirit is the Dove in the bible, so now I do.

While I have been able to see and hear Jesus for a long time now, I could not feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is a truly amazing and incredibly loving feeling. I felt it when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and a little bit after that but then I didn’t. I realize now that He left because I was not acknowledging Him because I thought everything was from, Jesus. Well, come to find out that if you want the presence of the Holy Spirit to be around you, you have to INVITE HIM IN.

Benny Hinn says that the Holy Spirit is a person. It’s hard for me to think of Him as a person because He is not 3D like a physical body is. I think of Him more as a loving Grandfather type presence. He is awesome and the feeling of Him when He is around is the most blissful, peaceful feeling ever. So now I am developing my relationship with Him.

If the Holy Spirit is not in your regular daily life then I invite you to invite Him in. Just pray something like the prayer listed below. Good luck and if you have any experiences you’d like to share, please comment or email me. Many blessings on your day!!!


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