Golden Throne Room



I had another encounter last night that was incredible. I was at a church dinner and the pastor was speaking. I had my eyes opened but I was kind of staring into space. The next thing I know, Jesus was there clear as day. He asked me to follow Him. We went through a door and into a room that was golden. There was a throne and I think an altar. He was speaking to me but now I don’t remember what He said. At one point He held out a long stem red rose. I got the impression that this was to bless people with. Then He took a golden pitcher and poured oil over my head. I came back beaming with love. After the dinner was over, I prayed for a few people. This, like the encounter last week in my surgery, was clear as day. As if I was right there. I could see every detail of Him and the room.

I don’t know what this is about. I only know I am so grateful to receive it and I pass on the blessings of heaven to you.


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  1. Hello, As I was waking up this morning, before my eyes opened, I saw this very image in a slide show. The first slide was a golden room, with pillars, high ceilings, and in a large room. I couldn’t make out details because the next slide came up of ancient ruins. I was baffled at what was happening until the 4th slide showed Jesus hanging on the cross. The next slide was big billowing clouds with yellow and light blue hues intertwined with the clouds. They were moving fast. The next slide was Jesus standing in front of me at a sideway profile. I knew it was Him right away. He wore an ivory robe. I immediately felt this was a very special visit and wondered why He was showing me these slides. The next slide was Jesus looking down at a small gray haired woman and touching her cheek. I felt like she had just gone home to be with Jesus. The last slide was Jesus with His arms around a boy 14-18 years old with a head of brown curly hair. The slide show ended and I opened my eyes to a feeling of awe, calmness and honor of having seen Him.

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