Patience for Prayers to be Answered



Jesus is having me write a book. Or should I say that He is writing the book through me. It’s quite an amazing thing. His idea, His direction and His words. While I was working on it today He asked me to share this post on the blog.

For any of you waiting for your prayers to manifest, this is very important-

“The concept of time exists in this world yet only eternity exists in heaven. Therefore, while it may seem to you that you are waiting for days and weeks and months and years for one of God’s promises to manifest, in God’s eyes there is no such time. So understand that what seems like a long time to you is no time to God. If you can truly accept this concept it will help you to realize why sometimes God’s promises seem to manifest so much later than you think it should be. For this reason, it is so important to be patient and stand in faith. I cannot stress this enough.”

So stand in faith! Your prayers will be answered! It’s just a matter of patience.

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