Back in the Saddle and Bethel Church

Prophetic Painting by Jessica at Prophetic art done in the healing rooms at Bethel by

Prophetic Painting by Jessica at Prophetic art done in the healing rooms at Bethel by

I don’t know what happened but I got off track updating this blog. Jesus wants me to get it back up to speed so I am. There has been MUCH that has happened including people being healed and encounters, encounters and encounters.

I went to Bethel Church in Redding, CA last weekend and it was an amazing experience. I drove there from Reno, NV where I am staying for a couple of weeks. The drive itself was magnificent with the towering mountains and gorgeous landscapes but Redding is also truly beautiful as northern California is.

Bethel Church is a huge organization. Much bigger than I ever realized and each service was jam-packed. I went to the service Friday night which was filled with praise music. Saturday morning I went to the healing room. That is the best experience you could ever imagine. Painters stand in the center painting by the spirit and the music plays as prayer teams gather around and pray for whatever you need healing for. I prayed for physical stuff to continue being healed and I also had them pray for my family. During the prayer over me, I fell out. Then the Holy Spirit came through with great laughter as He does sometimes. I felt a great joy and release. I then went to an Art SOZO class Saturday afternoon and there were much healing and revelation there. I highly recommend doing a workshop with that if you ever get a chance.

Finally, Sunday morning was so great with Danny Silk speaking. He is truly gifted and enjoyable to listen too.

On my drive back, I had an encounter with Jesus and He introduced me to an angel. The angel was magnificent and huge and He told me his name. I didn’t quite understand what the meeting was for other than for me to know that there are beings on my side protecting me. That was incredible!

You also have angels watching over you. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you and see what happens!!!


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