Heaven’s Army and Help with Paris Attack



Last night was the horrific terror attack on Paris, France. I can’t tell you how much it hit me. I felt it coming two days before it occurred. I woke up yesterday morning feeling very anxious and stressed out. My sleep had been very poor. During the day I felt off as well with waves of fear coming over me. Then late in the afternoon, I got a text that Paris was under attack. I turned on the radio and listened as much as I could to gather info on what had happened.

France has always been very close to my heart. I’m not sure why but I feel a deep connection to the French culture and its people. I was very deeply saddened as the evening progressed. At one point I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of Whole Foods and I got a vision of huge angels in heaven standing in rows sending arrows of light down to Paris. It’s looked like it was raining light beams almost like a meteor shower. Then I later went into the store and that’s when I had what could be considered an out of body experience. I was suddenly up with the angels in my spirit body which were brilliant and light and I was fighting with them. I was using the palms of my hands to shine light into the darkness. I was totally united with my spirit body and it was magnificent. I was as big as the angels. When I came back down to earth I was still in Whole Foods but I felt very different as if I had been lifted up somehow.

Last night though I had another terrifying sleep. I don’t know what other than I felt the true sadness of what being in a war feels like. I believe this is leading up to the end times. I believe there is going to be a huge victory over darkness as it is described in the bible. What hit me is how real it all is.

God is sad for our earth. He is sad for the state of humanity. Big things are going to begin shifting now. Get your warrior suit on and clean your sword because you may need it.

Please pray and pray and pray. It is time to pray. It is time to unite with the love of the Father. It is time to move forward and be brave. It is time to be our true divine selves. ❤


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