More Angels and Little Notes


It seems that God has a place for me with angels. I’m finding myself in the spiritual realm surrounded by them often. I’m still not completely sure what my role is. I recently remembered when Jesus baptized me. (The is a post about this.) When I came out of the water, Angels, or more like cherubs, were around me and they placed angel wings on my back. Maybe there is some connection or symbolism here. I’m not sure. I should just ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit what all this is about. I guess that’s the next step. 

I was guided a few days ago to tell a woman who was working in s food court how beautiful she was. She has a severe skin condition. I wrote a note on a napkin and gave it to her. It said something like, “You are truly beautiful. God loves you so.”

When I gave it to her, she looked surprised. I walked away but I like to think that it had a great impact on her day. 

Little notes are an easy way to get a word to someone without even having to talk to them. Keep this in mind if you are bashful. 

In this case, she was at work and there was no good way to speak with her so the note worked well! 

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