A Word From The Lord



From Jesus to you all:

Be thee blessed in the name of the Lord who created you! Shine out amongst the stars as a beam of brilliant light and love for all you encounter. Shirk not your responsibility as a child of the highest God to create within your circle a fire that burns brighter in the night than any sun.

The time has come! Unite with your brother and become what God has ordained you to be! Forget about the petty crisis of the world for it comes only to distract you from the great work at hand!

Unite with your sister and see not only what is in store for the world but the great blessings the Father has for each one of you.

The time draws near so lay down your swords of strife and pick up your mighty armor of love. This is a time for each one of you to fight your own battle of righteousness. Do not fall prey to the deceit of the world. Raise your chin high and march with the fierceness of the HOLY SON whom you serve. The lion lives within you! Seek prayer and quiet times now for the day draws nearer to when the true battles begins.

Doubt not that the word of GOD is all mighty in truth. Behave as a true child of God and do your duty. He depends on each and every one of you. BE BLESSED GREAT ARMY OF GOD! YOU ARE LOVED!

The Temple of Life


IMG_4679Today Jesus appeared while I was resting. He saw that I was tired and asked if I wanted healing. I said yes but instead of Him laying hands on me as He has before,  He asked me to follow Him. We went up a mountain that curved around to the left. There was a valley and we were very high up. There at the top of the mountain was a temple. Jesus told me it was the Temple of Life.

I followed Him in and I couldn’t believe what was there. It was filled with all forms of nature that were beaming brilliantly with life. There were waterfalls and ponds with colorful fish, gorgeous flowers of every kind, green plants, birds, butterflies and vines and green moss. It was the most “alive” feeling place I have ever been to- so incredibly peaceful, so restful, so energizing. I felt a childlike happiness and contentment take over me. The type that you might have has a young child playing in the sand at the beach. My body felt like it was ignited with health and radiance. I still feel it now. He told me I could return there anytime for rest and reprieve. It was incredible. I love Him so much.

If you have had a hard week, lie down, close your eyes and ask Jesus to take you to the Temple of Life. See what happens. I bet you have the same experience I had.


Patience for Prayers to be Answered



Jesus is having me write a book. Or should I say that He is writing the book through me. It’s quite an amazing thing. His idea, His direction and His words. While I was working on it today He asked me to share this post on the blog.

For any of you waiting for your prayers to manifest, this is very important-

“The concept of time exists in this world yet only eternity exists in heaven. Therefore, while it may seem to you that you are waiting for days and weeks and months and years for one of God’s promises to manifest, in God’s eyes there is no such time. So understand that what seems like a long time to you is no time to God. If you can truly accept this concept it will help you to realize why sometimes God’s promises seem to manifest so much later than you think it should be. For this reason, it is so important to be patient and stand in faith. I cannot stress this enough.”

So stand in faith! Your prayers will be answered! It’s just a matter of patience.

Jesus Sings Me A Lullaby


psalms_4_8---dupe--white-800x800I had a hard time sleeping last night and was up and down. At 2:30 am, I was lying in bed trying to sleep. I had a lot on my mind- mostly problems. I was praying to Jesus to help me and He was there immediately. He asked me why I was worried and then He told me to rest in Him- that He would take care of everything. Then He asked me if I would like Him to sing me a lullaby. Of course  said yes, then I thought to myself, “I wonder what He will sing?” Just then I heard Him singing a beloved song from my childhood. I thought it was from the musical “Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat” but I can’t find it so maybe not. The song goes. “Sleep in peace my holy child. Sleep in peace my child. Too soon the day will come my child. Too soon the day will come.”

It made me cry. I hadn’t heard this song in so many years and I love it so much. Who could have known this but God? I hadn’t even thought of this song for years.

Jesus is so amazing. I love Him so much. I bless you with peaceful sleep tonight.

Golden Throne Room



I had another encounter last night that was incredible. I was at a church dinner and the pastor was speaking. I had my eyes opened but I was kind of staring into space. The next thing I know, Jesus was there clear as day. He asked me to follow Him. We went through a door and into a room that was golden. There was a throne and I think an altar. He was speaking to me but now I don’t remember what He said. At one point He held out a long stem red rose. I got the impression that this was to bless people with. Then He took a golden pitcher and poured oil over my head. I came back beaming with love. After the dinner was over, I prayed for a few people. This, like the encounter last week in my surgery, was clear as day. As if I was right there. I could see every detail of Him and the room.

I don’t know what this is about. I only know I am so grateful to receive it and I pass on the blessings of heaven to you.


Amazing Heaven


angels-inheaven1 I had a pretty amazing thing happened last week.  I was in an accident and I broke my wrist, thumb and a rib pretty badly. Afterward, I was quite afraid but in the ambulance, I prayed in tongues and cast out the spirit of trauma repeatedly. By the time I got to the hospital I was pretty calm. Some of my fear took me all the way back to four years ago when I was at that same hospital, and I had a surgery and the surgery was botched. The doctor hurt me instead of helping me. It’s one of the reasons I was sick even up until this year. Being back at the same hospital brought back those same bad memories but I was determined to have a different experience. I called and texted everyone I knew who could pray for me. These people were amazing! They came to rescue and poured their prayers and support in. I am so grateful. My wrist and thumb were damaged so badly that I had to have surgery. During the surgery, I had an incredible experience. As I began to come out of the anesthesia, I was coming in and out of consciousness. When I left consciousness I realized I was up in heaven with Jesus and a few angels. The image was much, much clearer than anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s as if I was really there and a 3 dimensional way. I don’t remember much of what was said now but Jesus was teaching me.  I also remember how incredibly beautiful one of the angel’s faces was. Angels are exquisite. They are true servants of the Father. Their job is to do His will. They are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. They radiate pure love. I feel like the door was left open. I bless you all with the love from heaven.




I am getting a lesson in authority. Jesus just told me that we are like sheriffs of heaven and we wear a badge given to us by Him. It’s as if we are a part of Heaven’s police force and with His name, we are supposed to command the enemy and dark forces away. He has appointed us to do that. It is not our right or privilege, it is our duty.

So get your sheriff’s badge on and command all evils in your life to go. That means sickness, poverty, depression etc. etc.

A simple prayer you can use is “In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of ____________ to leave me (my house, my child etc) now!” I also like to use “with the name of Jesus” because the name itself is like a mighty weapon that I am using.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who has been confused about this in any way, 🙂

Revelation by the Father



(I posted this entry as a page, not a post, by accident so the date is incorrect. It was actually written on Friday July 10, 2015)

I woke up this and was praying. Last night in the supernatural class I attend there was a discussion about the different relationships between the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. I have mostly had a relationship with Jesus so this morning I really prayed to have the Holy Spirit come in. It did because I felt it and within a few moments I was in great peace. We had also been speaking about deliverance in the simple form of just not agreeing with the negative. The Holy Spirit revealed that I should pray “I disagree with anything that is not of Love or Light.” I also then prayed, “I disagree with anything that is not of Father God.” I felt things begin to move inside me. Emotion began flowing and the next thing I remember I was really sobbing. Then I felt a beam of brilliant light open up above me and it was the Father. He spoke to me and revealed how much He loved me and that I was truly His beloved child. I felt such a connection with Him. It was the first time this has ever happened. I really felt like I was from Him and that He was my “DAD”. Tremendous light poured down from Him over me and it was the most incredible thing. Then He revealed why people get lost in new age things and in religion. What He said was that He created the Universe and He also created the Universal Laws. Some people have misunderstood the universe and the universal laws to be Him. They are not. These people are have totally missed the point and forgetting the One who created them. They are basically worshipping the wrong. thing. If you are not a worshipping God the Father of your soul then you are truly “missing the boat.” I’m not sure how else to put it. Most people that read this blog do not fall into that category but I am sure you know people that are. Spread this word and help them to see their mistake. God wants us all to know that He is the One to be worshipped. He is the creator. He is real and He is not just a huge energy like the sun. He is not the universe. He is a true Father and you are His true child. He is pure love and He is light but He is a BEING. Let all this sink in now on a deeper level.



Baptism by Water







This morning I got up and anticipated a regular day. I went to church and our pastor (amazing guy) said he was going to do water baptisms after the service at a nearby pool, I was so excited! I had been baptized as a baby at an Episcopalian church but never had the full water baptism.

After the service, we went to a home with an nice pool and there were four of us who got baptized. I was so happy. I went home still in wet clothes and soaked in the beautiful newborn feeling.

I was praying at an altar in my room when Jesus appeared. It was the closest and clearest I have seen him lately. He asked me to walk with Him and then asked me if I would like to see a beautiful temple. This was a place in heaven I have not yet seen. We walked down a large mountain side that was winding. The views were stunning. It reminded me of the most beautiful view you might see in this world but much more vast and clear. We arrived at what appeared to be a huge stone temple with many steps to the entrance way. When we got inside there was a huge room and at the end of it were two waterfalls coming down into a pool. Jesus said I got baptized this morning but that He wanted to do it again Himself. I can’t tell you what it felt like to have that come from Jesus. Baptized by Jesus! WOW!!! He stepped into the pool. I can still hear the sound of the waterfalls. I stepped in after Him. The water was cool but not cold. It felt totally clean- like mountain spring water. Then He took me and dipped me backwards, I went under the water and came up. Immediately angels were around me. Patting me dry, attending to me. I felt one put a crown of flowers or something on my head and then I felt wings placed the back of my shoulders- like angels wings. I don’t know what this means but then Jesus told me to go back into the world and serve God.

After this happened, I laid down and fell into a deep peaceful sleep. I really don’t know what happened today but, it was amazing!

Casting out demons


I went to a two day workshop this week with Pastor Keenan Bridges and Aliss Cresswell. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up. Both are amazing people of God. 

The workshop was on healing and deliverance. I knew a good deal about the healing prayer but very little about deliverance. 

Evil spirits and demons are everywhere. They live in this world but the good news, is that they don’t have to live in you or your family members. 

The first thing you need to realize completely is that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. So repeat this over and over to yourself until it really sinks in.

Then say this prayer, ” In the name of Jesus evil spirit of _________, I command you out of me now. You may cough, or scream or feel wind come rushing out of your body. Then say, “Holy Spirit please come in and fill me up. ” Continue to breath in the Holy Spirit and release the evil spirits. Command them to leave your room, your home and go either to Jesus or to back to where they came from. I like to add that they must stay there  Any never come back. 

If you don’t know specifically what the spirits are then you can pray for any evil spirits to come out or that amything that is not of God to come out now in Jesus name.

This is so powerful. Getting rid of demons is very easy. Much easier than you might have thought. They must leave in the name of Jesus but you need to really know your authority.